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The culture at EDHEC’s Global MBA is an important part of the experience, and we believe it’s essential to have a personal admissions process to maintain it. Our admissions team considers every candidate carefully, making sure that you’re a good match for the programme, and that  the programme is the right fit for you, too.

Your application

We aim to keep the application process simple so that you can focus on what’s important — telling us why you’re a great fit for the EDHEC Global MBA. You’ll be accompanied all the way through the process by a designated admissions manager who can help make sure everything’s in order.

Edhec MBA before you start

Before you start

It’s always good to know what a school is looking for when preparing your application. We believe that a transparent process saves time and energy for both our applicants and our team, so here are three main questions that we consider above all:


  • What kind of experience are you seeking, and what are your ambitions?
  • How do your profile and experience contribute to the diversity of your future cohort?
  • What value are you bringing to your classmates’ experience?
  • Does the school and programme match your own values? Read more on EDHEC Business School mindset and values.

Stay ahead of the deadlines

EU or EEA Nationals:

Applications must be received before June 30th.

Outside EEA:

Applications must be received before May 31st. This deadline may be extended upon request to accommodate visa processing time.


Before filling out the detailed admission form, why not start with a quick profile check? All you need is your CV and some basic information, and one of our admissions managers will contact you directly to discuss your profile and qualifications, and make sure you’re on the right track. They’ll also advise you on which scholarship you’re eligible for, so you’ll immediately know what budget you’re looking at.

Submit your profile

You’ll start by creating your EDHEC account so that all the information you enter is saved. This means that if you’re missing anything, you can always come back to complete your application later. A member of our Admissions team will be notified when you get started, and follow up with you if you need any help or advice during the process. The application includes official documents and 2 referrals.

When you’re ready to submit your official application, you’ll be asked to pay the 150€ application fee online. Once you’ve paid, you’ll be able to send the application through to our team to start the admissions process.

Create your account and start your application

If your application is accepted, then you’ll be invited to an interview. Depending on what works best for you, the interview can be done over Skype, by phone, or in person on our campus in Nice. You will also have a short interview with one of our Alumni Attache’s – this way you can speak to someone who has been through the programme.

The first part of the interview is a conversation with one of our admissions managers, and lasts about 45 minutes to an hour. In the second part of the process, we’ll ask you to submit a video questionnaire of you answering a series of surprise questions. You’ll have two minutes to answer each question.

Read our article for more details

At the end of each month, the Selections Committee (which includes the Head of Admissions and the Programme Director) will personally assess your entire application to determine your acceptance to the programme. You’ll be informed of the decision immediately after this meeting.

Since we have a rolling admissions policy, the earlier you apply, the sooner you’ll know if you’re accepted. If you’re not accepted, your admissions manager will make sure to explain what might be missing. Depending on the details, if it’s experience or qualifications then you may be encouraged to apply again once you’re at the right level.

Get started on your application

You’ll already know if you’re eligible for a scholarship once you’ve spoken to your admissions manager after the first step, submitting your basic profile. We also include accommodation costs for both of your global business trips within the fees, so you’ll know exactly what you need to budget for — no surprises.

Save more by having your first instalment ready when you’ve finished your interviews. We offer a 5% Prompt Payment Reduction if you pay your first instalment of fees within three weeks of acceptance. This is valid for both firm and conditional offers.

Read more about these in our FAQs.

Once your first instalment has been paid, it will be time to start getting ready to move to Nice. The earlier the better, since you’ll need to plan for your living arrangements and budget well in advance in order to have peace of mind and focus on your MBA once you get there.

Our International Student Office will help you prepare your move and all the paperwork you may need.

Read about your next steps in our article



Apply now, provide your
GMAT/GRE score later

In some cases, if you haven’t got your final score yet, you can request to go through the usual application process and aim for a conditional offer. Once your GMAT / GRE score is approved your file can be firmly accepted.

We recommend that you pass the test as early as possible, so that you have time to re-take it if you need a higher score for acceptance or to get a score-based scholarship.

Bear in mind that we look at each application as a whole, to paint an accurate picture of who you are. Depending on your full profile, some requirements will have more or less importance.

  • Bachelors degree or equivalent
  • Minimum 3 years’ work experience
  • Strong command of written and spoken English
  • Strong GMAT, GRE, Tage Mage or Executive Assessment expected

Find out if the Global MBA is a good fit for you.

Submit your profile

If you don’t have all of them ready yet, you can still create an account to start filling out your application. All the information will be saved, and you’ll be able to add missing documents and send in the complete application at a later date.


1. CV / resumé

2. Copy of your passport

3. Copy of your degree or higher education diploma

If this is not in English or French, please provide a certified translation.

4. IELTS or TOEFL score report

Required scores: IELTS 6.5 / TOEFL 95  If you’re a native English speaker, it is possible to request a waiver from the Admissions Team. Please contact them directly before submitting your application.

5. Two letters of recommendation

Referrals should come from a superior (direct manager, director or client), not from a friend, colleague or family member. The people writing the referrals should send their letters directly to the Admissions Office either from their professional email address or by post. Referees can use an EDHEC reference letter template or they can create their own letter.

Please note that referrals sent from a personal email account (such as Gmail) will not be accepted.


6. GMAT or GRE score report

If you haven’t passed your test yet, you can request to add it to your application at a later date by contacting your admissions manager. Please note that we don’t grant waivers for GMAT or GRE score reports, which must be submitted before admission is fully confirmed.

You can request an official test report to be sent directly to EDHEC from the test centre by submitting the following codes with your test when you take it:

GMAT code 3QQ-WQ-30
GRE code 6592

Find out more about GMAT at

7. Copy of your transcripts (last 2 years)

Need advice on writing your CV
Find out what we look for in an essay
Proud to be transparent


It can be hard to figure out exactly how much to budget for your MBA. We prefer for you to be able to focus on your application and then on your studies without distractions, so we provide total transparency when it comes to fees and scholarships from the very start. Our scholarships are all guaranteed for applications received and accepted by the 31st January.

Total tuition fees: €46,000*

These are the full tuition fees for the entire length of your Global MBA.

*Flight fares for the Business trips excluded. The average price for the fares are in between 1200 € and 1500 € in total depending on the destination of the trips you choose.

*Tuition fees are provided for information only and are subject to change.


Save on your tuition fees

Save more by having your first instalment ready when you’ve finished your interviews. We offer a 5% Prompt Payment Reduction if you pay your first instalment of fees within three weeks of acceptance. This is valid for both firm and conditional offers.

Read more about these in our FAQs

Edhec MBA Tutitions
EDHEC Scholarships

Scholarships and financial aid can be critical factors when it comes to embarking on your MBA, so we aim to make the process as simple and transparent as possible. When you submit your basic profile to our team, an admissions manager will get back to you, and you can find out which scholarship you’re eligible for straight away – but please note that we can only guarantee scholarships for applications received and accepted by 31st January. You might still be eligible for a scholarship after this date, but we strongly advise you to apply early to secure the best possible scholarship.

*Please note that scholarships are only available for candidates who are self-financing the cost of the tuition fees via savings, and/or loans for example.



up to-50%

GMAT score of +650 (or GRE/TAGE MAGE or Executive Assessment equivalent)


up to-50%

Women in Leadership
To encourage and support gender diversity from the classroom to the boardroom


up to-50%

French/EU Nationals & Residents
For French and EU citizens (regardless of where you currently live) or candidates who currently live in France/the EU (with a valid residency permit).



Make an impact
To encourage responsible & innovative entrepreneurs



Cultural Diversity
To encourage and support international diversity and inclusion in our cohort*

*Only 2 scholarships per country available

Want to know more about our scholarships
Have any questions about the admissions process

If you’re unsure which options could work for you, remember to ask our team any questions when they get in touch after you’ve submitted your profile.

External Scholarships

French embassy scholarships

The French government awards a number of different scholarships to high quality students from all over the world, allowing more people to profit from France’s renowned education system.

Read more on their website, and contact the cultural service of the French Embassy in your home country.


Country based scholarships

Depending on your nationality, you may eligible for on of the various country-based scholarships and loan programmes that are available.

You can search what’s available using the scholarship search engine created by Campus France.


PWN women’s network scholarship

EDHEC and the Professional Women’s Network (PWN) have a close partnership to empower more women to advance in their careers. PWN offer an advantageous scholarship for their members wishing to obtain an MBA.


EDHEC Alumni scholarship

If you’ve already studied at EDHEC, regardless of the programme, you’ll receive and automatic 25% reduction in tuition fees that is reserved specifically for EDHEC alumni.

Other forms of financial assistance


If you’ve been working in France under a French work contract and for the same employer for over two years, you have the right to request the FONGECIF (Fonds de Gestion des Congés Individuels de Formation).

This allows you to maintain around 70% of your salary, have a large proportion of your tuition fees waived, and a guarantee that your job will be held until the end of your MBA programme.
Find out more on their website


Private loans

While French banking laws do not allow international students to take out a bank loan, the majority of EDHEC MBA participants fund their MBA studies through a mixture of personal savings and bank loans from their home country.

Don’t hesitate to contact banks in your home country to see their conditions and if they offer advantageous loans for higher education.


Prodigy Finance

If it’s difficult for you to obtain a loan from a private bank, you may want to look into Prodigy Finance. They are innovating in borderless finance and credits, making loans available to students for a global education.

Their innovative and borderless model assesses you on your earning potential after graduation, not just your current circumstances and credit history. Prodigy Finance majoritarily fund students from emerging market countries.
Find out more on their website

My EDHEC experience

The trip was so well orchestrated, so well thought out, that you could not walk away from it without taking a moment to be thankful for the positon you’re in, and to be inspired by the South Africans.

Winston Green, MBA ‘17

I pursued the EDHEC MBA because I wanted the international exposure offered by EDHEC through its student diversity, pool of professors, and location. I wanted a global perspective on business and finance issues, not just a US-centric version.

Kerry LaPrees, MBA ‘15, USA

The support network at EDHEC was superb. All the advice I received, ranging from interview techniques to personal branding and networking, has led me to where I am today. Definitely, the best career choice I’ve made!

Charlotte Auterac, MBA ‘17, UK

The MBA program at EDHEC helped me to get out of my comfort zone and aim higher. Getting to know so many amazing people with interesting backgrounds and different experiences just made me realize how many opportunities and possibilities there are.

Britta Tilsner, MBA ‘17, Austria

Frequently Asked Questions


There is no flexibility in the EDHEC Global MBA scholarship policy, however you can increase your scholarship in line with our scholarship policy.


1) Secure your Diversity Scholarship and upgrade to a GMAT scholarship later

If you don’t yet have GMAT, you can at least secure a Diversity Scholarship if you aim for a conditional offer and in turn enol by paying the first instalment. Should you be a woman or should you be one of the first two of each nationality, the 20% scholarship will be granted automatically. You then have until 30th of June to send your GMAT score and secure a firm offer. If your score permits, your scholarship will be upgraded automatically according to the corresponding GMAT category. If your GMAT is considered unacceptable for entry by the selection committee, your first payment will be refunded in full.

2) Upgrade from a Merit Scholarship to a Premium or Excellence Scholarship

Even if you already have a GMAT score and a firm offer, you can decide to re-sit the up until the day before the start of term and aim to increase your scholarship according to your new GMAT score. If your GMAT score drops, your highest score will be retained. In this way, you can upgrade from a Merit to a Premium or Excellence Scholarship.

No. Only one can be granted which will be the most favorable  for the candidate. Only the prompt payment reduction can be accumulated with any scholarship in the list.

The vast majority of our candidates use a mixture of bank loans and personal savings. Most candidates will benefit from one of our scholarships.

The Admissions Office offers a 5% reduction in fees for Prompt Payment to successful applicants who enrol officially by paying their first instalment of fees within three weeks of acceptance. This reduction is valid for both conditional and firm offers. No Prompt Payment Reduction is possible after the original application deadline. The extra 5% is deducted from remaining tuition fees due after scholarship.

Peace of mind from the start

You can be sure that when you apply to the EDHEC Global MBA, you’ll be personally accompanied through the whole admissions process. If the programme is right for you, our team will help you get ready to focus on studying from day one.

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