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How to apply ?

We are looking for ambitious professionals, with strong international awareness. When we assess your application, over and above the admissions criteria, we consider three questions:


  • Do you have a strong potential for progress and transformation?
  • How will you contribute to class diversity?
  • How will you foster your classmates' learning experience?


Application deadlines :

EU or EEA Nationals: Applications must be received before July 31st for September intake .

Outside EEA: Applications must be received before June 30th for September intake. Application deadlines may be extended upon request depending on visa processing time.


Evaluate your profile

To have your profile evaluated and to know which scholarship you are eligible for, simply complete the form at this link. One minute is all you need. We do our very best to reply within 48 hours.

NOTE: You can apply with or without a GMAT, we’ll give you the time and advice to better prepare!


Initiate and complete your application

When you initiate your online application, the Admissions team is alerted and you will receive an email asking you to contact the MBA Admissions Office. One person from the team will follow you through the whole process and help if needed. You can upload all your application documents except for your reference letters. These must come from your referee directly (professional email or hard copy).

The Application fee is € 150. Please note that your application cannot be processed before the application fee has been paid online.



Your online application will be processed by the admissions team who will forward selected files for interview. This can be done by telephone, Skype or on-campus. The second part of the interview process  will be an online video exercise.



Following the interview, successful applications will be forwarded to the next monthly selection committee for decision. You are informed of the decision by email directly after the selection committee meeting taking place at the end of each month. EDHEC has a rolling admissions policy, the earlier you apply, the sooner you know the decision.

It is possible to apply without a GMAT or GRE score and send it at a later date.

In this way you can aim for a conditional offer - this means the Selection Committee might approve your general profile conditionally and then upon reception of a strong GMAT score, your offer will be confirmed. Please note that we do not offer GMAT waivers, all applicants must complete the GMAT test in order to receive a confirmed offer.

=> Test your mind on the GMAT mini quiz.

Prompt Payment Reduction

The Admissions Office offers a 5% reduction in fees for Prompt Payment or can offer an 8% Fast Fair Reduction (conditions apply). The Prompt Payment Reduction is granted if you have successfully completed the admissions process, have been accepted into the programme and accepted your place by making a first payment within three weeks. Deadlines apply.
The Prompt Payment Reduction is also applicable to conditional offers.

To apply to the EDHEC Global MBA programme, you must meet the following requirements:


 Bachelors degree or equivalent

 Minimum 3 years work experience

 Strong command of written and spoken English

 Strong GMAT score*


NB: Applications are evaluated globally; one requirement can outweigh another.

=> Test your mind on the GMAT mini quiz.

*Target above 600 GMAT

In order to complete your application to join EDHEC's Global MBA programme, you must provide the following documents. Scanned copies of the documents are acceptable for evaluation but if you are accepted, original or certified copies will have to be presented for validation.


Once your completed application has been received, selected applications will be contacted in order to arrange an interview with a member of the EDHEC Global MBA Admissions Team.





Certified translations are required if these documents are not in either English or French.
- Essay Question 1: Give a detailed description of your role, your responsibilities and your achievements in your current (latest) position and explain how your role and responsibilities have evolved through your career. (300 words)
- Essay Question 2: What are your post-MBA career plans and how do you expect the curriculum to help you professionally? (300 words)

Sent by your referees to the Admissions Office by post or via their professional email account. References arriving via personal email accounts such as GMAIL cannot be accepted. Free style or a reference form can be used. Please note the referee should be a superior (direct manager, director, client), not a friend or colleague.
Download a recommendation form

Expected scores : IELTS 6.5 / Toefl 95
Waivers for native speakers can be granted by the Admissions Team at the moment of application. Please check with them directly.

No waivers can be granted but your test scores may be sent at a later date with prior consent from the admissions manager.
If you would like EDHEC to receive your official test report, please use these school codes on the day of your test :

  • GMAT code 3QQ-WQ-30
  • GRE code 6592

Find out more about GMAT at

Compare your GRE score to GMAT at

=> Test your mind on the GMAT mini quiz.

Tuition fees & Scholarships

FEES : € 44, 000*

*including the 2 learning expeditions (South Africa and specialisation track trip)

Fees can be reduced to € 20 900 by Prompt Payment Reduction and our guaranteed and transparent scholarship policy.

5% Prompt Payment Reduction

We offer a Prompt Payment Reduction of 5% if you enroll officially by paying your first instalment of fees within three weeks of acceptance. This reduction is valid for both conditional and firm offers. No Prompt Payment Reduction is possible after the original deadline to apply. The extra 5% is deducted from remaining tuition fees due after scholarship.



YOUR FEES:  € 20,900*

PREMIUM: - 40%

GMAT OF 650-710

YOUR FEES:  € 25,080*

MERIT: - 30%


YOUR FEES: € 29,260*



YOUR FEES :  € 29,260



YOUR FEES :  € 29,260 (2019-20)




YOUR FEES :  € 33,440*

*Tuition Fees include the 5% Prompt Payment Reduction.

=> Test your mind on the GMAT mini quiz.


Other forms of scholarships are available. Unlike the above, they are non-automatic. Please contact us for more details at Scholarships cannot be accumulated with the exception of the 5% Prompt Payment Reduction and 8% Fast MBA Fair reduction.

A candidate who defers to a later intake forfeits his/her 1st Nationality scholarship if applicable. Scholarships are only awarded to self-financing candidates. No full scholarships are granted. Find out how to secure & upgrade your scholarship. Additional scholarships may be available upon request.

My MBA Experience

EDHEC beat other programs in almost every area, and was also offering two study trips abroad to Cape Town and San Francisco. I was also amazed with how professional and fast to respond to any inquiries the EDHEC recruitment team was. It was a personalized approach, along with a good value-to-money ratio that finally made me choose EDHEC.

Kateryna Myronenko, MBA ‘17, Ukraine

I chose EDHEC because it checked all the boxes. The school has a solid academic reputation, the MBA student body is diverse, and the tuition fee and scholarship structure is straightforward.

Rudolph Broomes, MBA ‘14, USA


Can I get a higher scholarship ?

There is no flexibility in the EDHEC Global MBA scholarship policy, however you can increase your scholarship in line with our scholarship policy.


1) Secure your Diversity Scholarship and upgrade to a GMAT scholarship later

If you don’t yet have GMAT, you can at least secure a Diversity Scholarship if you aim for a conditional offer and in turn enol by paying the first instalment. Should you be a woman or should you be one of the first two of each nationality, the 20% scholarship will be granted automatically. You then have until 30th of June to send your GMAT score and secure a firm offer. If your score permits, your scholarship will be upgraded automatically according to the corresponding GMAT category. If your GMAT is considered unacceptable for entry by the selection committee, your first payment will be refunded in full.

2) Upgrade from a Merit Scholarship to a Premium or Excellence Scholarship

Even if you already have a GMAT score and a firm offer, you can decide to re-sit the up until the day before the start of term and aim to increase your scholarship according to your new GMAT score. If your GMAT score drops, your highest score will be retained. In this way, you can upgrade from a Merit to a Premium or Excellence Scholarship.

Can I accumulate scholarships ?

No. Only one can be granted which will be the most favorable  for the candidate. Only the prompt payment reduction can be accumulated with any scholarship in the list.

How do most participants pay for their MBA ?

The vast majority of our candidates use a mixture of bank loans and personal savings. Most candidates will benefit from one of our scholarships.

What is Fast Fair reduction ?

The Admissions Office offers an 8% Fast Fair reduction for contacts met for the first time at an MBA fair and who move through the whole admissions process from application through to acceptance and enrolment within a three-week period. The extra 8% is deducted from remaining tuition fees due after scholarship and cannot be accumulated with the 5% early enrolment reduction.

What is a Prompt Payment ?

The Admissions Office offers a 5% reduction in fees for Prompt Payment to successful applicants who enrol officially by paying their first instalment of fees within three weeks of acceptance. This reduction is valid for both conditional and firm offers. No Prompt Payment Reduction is possible after the original application deadline. The extra 5% is deducted from remaining tuition fees due after scholarship.