There are two intakes. Both cover exactly the same curriculum and lead to the same degree.
September is the main intake and the programme begins with an orientation seminar involving a mountain trek team building activity.
In January, the integration period is slightly shorter with a different type of team building activity.
The MBA classroom is composed of participants from both the January and September intake who follow the same classes together but in a different order.
January participants for example, will enter a classroom with participants who started their MBA in September of the year before. Those who started in September will leave in June. The January participants will then be in class already for the arrival of the new September intakes and they will then finish their MBA in December. Effectively, there are two cycles going on at the same time within the same class January participants finish in December so although the academic still lasts 10 months, there is a two month summer break which can be used for internships or travel etc. Their student visa will enable them to do an internship until 30th June the following year.
September candidates finish in June following year but can use their student visa to do an internship until 31st December of the same year.
Each course and module is independent so it does not matter when you start or end the cycle as the same curriculum is followed.
Advantages of this double class include the fact that you meet two different cohorts so you double your networking potential




Most candidates are already in touch with the admissions team before beginning their MBA application, but if you begin alone, an alert will be sent to the team. Someone will contact you as your personal representative to invite you to connect. If you don’t receive a mail within a few days of beginning your application, get in touch with




Yes, it is possible to apply without a GMAT or GRE score and send it at a later date but no GMAT waivers are granted in any circumstance. If you apply without a GMAT in this way, you can aim for a conditional offer and then secure a 1st Nationality scholarship if you are one of the first three of your nationality to enrol in the programme officially by paying a first instalment. If your GMAT score permits, you will be granted a scholarship upgrade according to our scholarship policy. If your GMAT score is considered too low to allow entry to the MBA, your first instalment will be refunded in full. Even If you have paid your first instalment, you can still retake GMAT as many times as you want with the aim of securing a higher scholarship. You have until 1st September for the September intake, or 3rd January for the January intake, to submit your final score for approval




No, you will need to provide a firm letter of enrolment from EDHEC. To get this, you must have a firm offer and be officially enrolled in the programme (i.e, to have paid the first instalment) to apply for a student visa. All candidates must therefore have had their GMAT score approved by the selection committee well ahead of any deadlines imposed by their local visa section of consular services.





  • GMAT code 3QQ-WQ-30
  • GRE code 6592






No, these must come from your referees directly by professional email or hard copy




These can be done by telephone, Skype or on-campus. You decide which works best for you. Your interview will usually last between 35 to 45 minutes and allow time for Q&A. You will be tested on communication skills and general “fit” for the EDHEC Global MBA. Your will have the chance to develop your essays orally at this time




Once you complete your application, your file will be processed and successful candidates will be called to interview. Following the interview, successful files will be forwarded to the next selection committee for appraisal. These take place regularly so admissions are on a rolling basis. Successful candidates are informed of the decision of the selection committee by email just after the meeting. The sooner you apply, the sooner you get an answer. The whole process usually takes around three weeks from start to finish but you can request a fast track admissions profess if you are pressed for time for whatever reason



The International Office is here to help!
If you are accepted and in turn enrol in the EDHEC Global MBA, you will have access to a wide range of services such as help finding suitable accommodation etc. Upon enrolment, you will be granted access to our online Welcome Guide offering advice on living in France and covering everything from banking to health insurance. Limited access to our International Student Office Website is available before entering the programme to give you an idea of cost of living and life in France in general.



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