2017 Time for a life changing experience

Written on 29 Mar 2017.

2017 New Year, New You !
The EDHEC Global MBA Team wishes you an excellent 2017 full of success and happiness !

2017 is the year that incoming EDHEC Global MBA participants will remember forever. Despite setting off from vastly different backgrounds, one common goal unites them - the pursuit of a life changing experience.

All have chosen to make an investment in their career development and in personal growth toward a new and better future. The first day at EDHEC Business School is the first step toward realizing these objectives.

EDHEC Global MBA, class of January 2017

The new class reflects the rich diversity for which the EDHEC Global MBA is reputed : 92 participants of which 42% women and 37 nationalities represented from all around the World :

  • Asia : 34%
  • Americas : 30%
  • Europe : 20%
  • Middle East : 10%
  • Africa : 5%
  • Oceania : 1%

Participants bring experience from across industry sectors ranging from global IT and telecoms industry, sales and marketing, finance, human resources, to entrepreneurial activities, NGO management, and military and family business.

Ages range from 25 to 44 years, averaging 31 overall, with 7.5 years’ experience. Common factors linking these diverse profiles include ambition and the confidence that the EDHEC Global MBA will help them reach their personal objectives.

Discover the EDHEC Global MBA, class of January 2017 infographic

Student testimonials

This is the year these participants change their lives - are you ready to change yours ?

Ronald Miranda, Peru
The first day in EDHEC showed me that reality is better than expectation. The second day showed me that excellence is part of the whole programme. The third day showed me that I have changed my life forever. And there are more days coming !

Monica Ma, China
I’m really lucky to pursue my MBA at EDHEC, one of the most renowned business schools in France. I feel excited about my classmates with diverse backgrounds from more than 30 countries. Renting an apartment at the seaside and close to school is great !

Lâm Huynh, France
I really feel I made the right choice with the EDHEC Global MBA! The classmates are so diverse, so rich in experience and so positive in their states of mind! The professors are experienced, interesting and refreshing. Although challenges are already there, I'm sincerely happy to participate to the Global MBA programme. If you are looking for a life-changing experience, choose the EDHEC Global MBA !

Nandakumar Ganesh, India
What a kaleidoscope of cultures here at the EDHEC Global MBA ! An extremely exciting, engrossing and exclamatory voyage at a top-ranked school has begun. And I am floundering for adjectives to describe the French Riviera !

Nelly Copaver, France
EDHEC is a modern place where people can spread their wings and be inspired by ideas, desires and ambitions from different horizons. I think I need to revise the definition of intense! We learn a lot on many areas, but I love the way we work actively through them.

Finally, words from Martin Gasper from Slovenia who has just completed the MBA he started in January 2016.

"It was a year of personal and professional growth with excellent guidance of EDHEC administration, professors, career coaches and peers which resulted in landing a job in Johnson & Johnson leadership program."

Discover the EDHEC Global MBA, class of January 2017 infographic