Written on 26 Feb 2015.

Sandra Richez, the EDHEC Global MBA Careers Advisor and innovator of the CareerSMART programme offers regular advice to our MBA candidates. She is pleased to share her insight into some changing recruitment trends and what they actually mean to the MBA candidate:


Did you follow L’Oreal’s INspiring LinkedIN campaign? This campaign saw L’Oréal source thousands of candidates and make hundreds of hires and reached people who share L’Oréal values. These candidates were not likely to apply to L’Oréal otherwise and so it added a whole new dimension to their talent sourcing. It cost a fraction of the price and time it would take to run traditional employer branding campaigns. 

What does it mean for MBA candidates? 

It’s no longer enough to have a great LI profile.  You have to get engaged with companies on their pages and groups. Connect with people in the roles you want to hold, get referred, have a conversation with them and get noticed for your passion for the brand, business and values.  Go beyond a simple “Like” on company content. Be sure to comment, share, contribute, make a video, ask questions and become a part of their community.  All this will build your network - the number one source of jobs for MBA graduates.


Online application systems can take over 45 minutes to complete and leave the candidate in a no-man’s land with little hope for feedback.  These systems, designed as talent pools, have become candidate graveyards.  A new model of candidate relationship management is emerging, where it will be easier to express interest first before going into a lengthy online process.

What does it mean for MBA candidates? 

Rather than researching the employer only in the case of an interview invitation, you’ll need to do your homework on employers in early stages of the process.   Follow them on social media, be passionate about them, engage and have a conversation about what you are looking for well before becoming an official candidate. 


Many companies are seeing their employee referral programmes deliver impressive results. These programmes can represent a massive cost and time reduction. They have become a motivating programme throughout the company.  What’s more, the candidate quality is better and turnover lower with these new hires.  Good talent attracts great talent they say!

What does it mean for MBA candidates? 

If you are an MBA who has not contacted your personal, classmate and professional network - now is the time for you to get back in touch. Update your former colleagues, bosses, clients and business partners. Share, give and help in order to receive. This is the golden rule of networking.   However, don’t be caught connecting only when you need a job. Employee referrals mean you need to stay in your network’s hearts and minds any time an opportunity comes up.

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In terms of Careers Service and Placement, and thanks to CareerSMARTEDHEC Global MBA is particularly well ranked by the Economist :

30th for jobs found through the careers service

36th for student rating of careers service (and N°1 in France)

73% find jobs through the careers service

92% of graduates in jobs 3 months after graduation

54th for increase in salary

$111,713 salary post MBA