Written on 01 Oct 2015.

Joe Fisher, PhD_3.jpg

September intake of EDHEC Global MBA recently finished their accounting class, highly praise Prof.Joseph G. Fisher, their charming and humorous professor.

Although Accounting is not an easy course for many, especially for beginners, Professor Fisher managed to make it both simple and interesting.

 “If you have a restless night, please flip through Apple’s 10K report (financial report). Some good information but also a good sedative”- was just one of the jokes made by Professor G. Fisher in the first Accounting class.

For the MBA class, Prof Fisher focuses on managerial accounting, which is strategically essential for MBAs, most of whom will go to the important business positions and make decision based on the financial information in the further.

After two weeks of intensive course, the MBA participants master the technical skills to analyze financial statements and disclosures and understand how accounting rules and managerial incentives affect the financial reporting process.

 “Even though I have no accounting background, after class, I think I have got a general idea of Accounting.” said Marilynn, a September MBA participant, who used to work in English training school for over eight years and has no accounting background.

Giving his business cards to the MBA participants, Prof Fisher ended the accounting course and expressed his will to keep in touch. “I like the students, my expression is very positive. They come from all over the world with different backgrounds, they always have many different perspectives and thus bring a lot diversity of viewpoints” he said.

Professor Fisher gives a couple of recommendations to the MBA participants who may be interested in accounting. “First, I recommended they go to the big four websites, they can find out more useful information and a lot of different topics there” advises Prof Fisher, “I also recommend them to track what’s going, because there are a lot of changes in accounting issues and economic world.”