Written on 09 Apr 2015.

The EDHEC Global MBA is carried out entirely in English. Because of the diversity, English is the second or third language of many of the participants. While this may seem to be a major challenge to some, in fact, it is an added benefit of the program. Participants develop their language skills, a richer vocabulary, and comfort in presenting and speaking in front of large audiences.

To illustrate the benefits of completing the Global MBA, Rodrigo Rachitoff, a current Global MBA participant was interviewed. Originally from Peru, Rodrigo spent the last ten years attending university and then working as a lawyer in Spain. He is also an Italian citizen and speaks the language. 

Do you find it challenging to do the MBA in English?

“I must admit that at the very beginning I found it a bit difficult. However, after a couple of days I realized that I was actually attending classes entirely in English and I could understand everything. Now I participate in debates in class, I present in front of the class and I work with my team without language barriers. I think that at the end it is easier than I thought.”

What is the major advantage of doing the MBA in English?

“The major advantage is that English is the international language of business. And an MBA is the best place to learn business English and start using it in a professional way.

“In addition, to speak, to read and to write English allow you to practice and remember. As happens to many people, I learned English at school and I haven’t used it very often at work, but I didn’t forget it. I think that when you study and learn a language, you never really forget it. You just need to practice and everything comes back.”

How has your English improved?

“I believe my English has improved, not only because I practice every day, but also because now I have a much larger business vocabulary. This improvement allows me, amongst other things, to feel more confident when I speak English about business in public.”