Written on 13 Jan 2016.

Some of the strengths at EDHEC are the alumni network and the initiatives taken to involve the alumni in the MBA program to create a close knit network. One such opportunity the MBA participants had was to meet alumni who were a part of the Theseus International Management – MBA more than 10 years ago.

Chantal Fleuret – Senior Partner at Global Executive Learning (MBA 1995 – 1997), Pascale Removille – Videoconferencing Product Manager at Orange Business Services (MBA, 2003 – 2004) and Véronique Soulé-Revel – Contract Officer at Thales Alenia Space (MBA, 2003 – 2004) were present on the EDHEC Business School campus to share their experiences and memories at the MBA program. 

The EDHEC Global MBA participants were able to see how the program has evolved since the days at Theseus and how it has managed to safe guard some of its valued attributes even after all these years since Theseus merged with EDHEC. The Alumni were keenly interested in knowing about the program today, and were happy to know how it has incorporated some of the things they wished for back then and how EDHEC continues to evolve and improve to provide world class education to its students.

Chantal Fleuret, stressed on the will power do anything and optimistic outlook that MBA participants should have because of which she and her peers were able to organise small business field trips on their own in the days when the MBA program was small and did not have international trips in the curriculum. 

Pascale Removille agreed that the program was intense and how the team work assignments enabled them to interact with participants from different countries and participate in action learning. She also urged the participants to have a holistic approach from various courses at EDHEC, when thinking about possible solutions to problems. 

Véronique Soulé-Revel shared her experience before and after the MBA and told the participants how it added value to her skills and helped her progress in her career. She discussed how some of the professors at EDHEC now, were also a part of the Theseus MBA program, and how much they were cherished even then. 

The alumni also discussed about career after MBA, how they progressed through their careers as entrepreneurs or by returning to previous company or by finding a new jobs. 

From the interaction with Chantal, Pascale and Véronique, the September-intake participants who are nearing the end of the program in this May, were motivated to continue with the same spirit and thrive for excellence till the very end. The recently joined January-intake participants were inspired further from this experience and were looking forward to learn from the challenges faced in the program with enthusiasm.