Written on 30 Apr 2015.

Rajul Verma, a Management Consultant and EDHEC Global MBA alumnus has had rich experience in Product Lifecylce Management, while working with organisations like Accenture Nordics, ECCO, Schneider Electric, Infosys, Adidas and GE.

From helping engineers build smarter Jet Engines to enabling designers to develop hi-quality Shoes, he has done it all. After spending 12 years in IT as a Consultant, Project Manager and Business Analyst, he graduated from EDHEC Business School with an MBA in 2014. He is truly a global citizen and has been part of projects in Denmark, France, Germany, US and India.

This engineering graduate with a list of certifications (a previous MBA, Certified Project Manager and Six Sigma) was pleased to answer our questions:

Why did you choose EDHEC?

I chose EDHEC for its value for money and the short full time MBA provided me the quick return to full time employment.

How the Global MBA at EDHEC added value to you and your career?

The experience at EDHEC provided me new eyes and ears to understand businesses holistically. It grew my network tremendously and also made me hungry to strive to achieve much more. The courses by Liz Boredon about Interpersonal Communication, Leading and Motivating people, Team effectiveness - made feedback sessions an Art and Science.

Your experiences about staying and studying in Nice 

I would say the experience was quite unique and pleasant. I saw the French culture at closer quarters. Nice is a well connected city. And of course, sea and snow are all within very close reach.

Your advice to students for planning about internship and job-search

Cast your net wide, and stay focussed. Spending summer on the Riviera is enticing, but don’t forget your original purpose!