Written on 13 Jan 2016.

Kerry LaPrees is an EDHEC Global MBA participant from the United States who came to EDHEC Business School with his wife and two year old son. For the LaPrees family, choosing the right program had as much to do with what the school had to offer, as did the city. Nice was the best choice.

“Compared to a few of the other MBA programs I was considering, EDHEC’s location in Nice swayed my decision. This was largely due to the variety of activities for my family while I am in class: going to the beach, playing along the Promenade de Paillion, walking the Promendade des Anglais, or the host of other playgrounds and parks in the area,” explains Kerry. Indeed, Kerry soon found that Nice had ample parks and other family areas that makes life for him and his family much more enjoyable during his ten month Global MBA program. Nice is definitely the place for those who like to be outdoors.

But it is not just the parks that have provided Kerry and his family with a great experience. “Perhaps the best part of living in Nice is the fact that it is very family-friendly in general. While we have not dined out much, on those occasions that we have ventured out, the proprietors have been very accommodating. In addition, the festivals and recreation areas always cater to families with rides or play areas for children.”

This is a sentiment that many other Global MBA participants share. The size and layout of Nice also makes it very easy to commute. Furthermore, families can easily take the bus or train out of Nice to one of the many beautiful towns along the French Riviera. “It just seems that people want to bring their children everywhere and they are welcome to do so.”

Written by Robert Langan