Written on 09 Apr 2015.

The Global MBA participants recently completed a two and a half day business simulation in which groups led companies in China, Europe, and the United States. Using an online program and supervised by three professors including EDHEC Global MBA Director Prof. Emanuel Metais, PhD, participants acted as CEOs developing strategy, setting prices, evaluating finances, and negotiating contracts.

The business simulation involved six quarters – each timed – during which the participants evaluated their business’ performance, studied the competition, and negotiated deals and contracts. The objective was to be the team with the highest return on assets (ROA) over the six quarters. “This was the perfect chance to implement all of what we have learned so far. We developed a strategy, worked on marketing and pricing, studied our financial statements, and planned long-term financing,” said Rubin Laska, a current Global MBA Participant from Albania. 

Of notable interest was the various strategies the groups implemented in order to win the game. Some focused on cost-cutting while others focused on large turnovers. Some focused on both. “Because the objective was to develop the greatest average ROA, we had to find a way to maximize our profit margins and minimize our assets at the end of each quarter,” explained Global MBA participant Arun Daniel from Canada. 

It was a very intense and tiring two and a half days. The participants thoroughly enjoyed the experience and now have a new found appreciation for the life of senior management.