Various - 19-02-2020
Do you have an exciting MBA programme in mind, but not sure how to pay for it? Luckily there are many funding possibilities both traditional and outside the box. Here are five different ways to help you finance your dream MBA programme.  ... Read more
Various - 18-02-2020
Embarking on an MBA can be life-changing. It’s also an investment on many levels; you’ll be putting in a significant budget, a serious amount of time, and you’ll likely move to a new location to attend your preferred school. Here are 8 things to... Read more
MBA Experience - 10-02-2020
Written in collaboration with Akanksha Bhatnagar, a Global MBA Candidate 2019, and her original LinkedIn article. During the annual learning expedition to Cape Town, EDHEC’s Global MBA class saw sustainability from all angles. The week was a blend... Read more
Various - 07-02-2020
After putting hard work and effort into a business school or university application, we understand how disappointing it can be to receive a rejection letter. When the competition is strong, standards are high, and available spots are limited, many... Read more
MBA Experience - 05-02-2020
Last year a group of Global MBA students were inspired and united with a common goal: to build a better future. In order to ensure this goal for the next generation, EDHEC students wanted to take action today.   Meet the Social Impact Club... Read more
Various - 03-02-2020
What talents will help you stand out from the crowd when applying for a new role? Modern companies are on the hunt for prospects with a range of strong, soft skills. In this edition of Spotlight, learn more about why employers are looking for these... Read more
MBA Programme - 30-01-2020
Meet Sanjay Rana and hear about his journey to the Global MBA and his experience so far. What would #yourmbastory be? EDHEC’s Global MBA students come from all walks of life, but one, in particular, stands out in 2019’s class. Why? He’s the first of... Read more
MBA Programme - 28-01-2020
This January wasn’t just the beginning of a new decade, but the start of another MBA intake at EDHEC. Twenty-three new Global MBA candidates joined the class to embark on their 10-month, intensive programme. Here’s an introduction to this diverse... Read more
MBA Programme - 27-01-2020
  Placed 28th worldwide for value for money by the FT and overall 88th, the intensive 10-month programme is also one of the most diverse and international in the top 100, ranking in the top 30 for international course experience and... Read more
MBA Programme - 27-01-2020
“By working closely with the world of business, forming partnerships with prestigious academic institutions, and encouraging multiculturalism amongst its students, teachers and graduates, EDHEC provides a unique experience in tune with the... Read more
MBA Programme - 24-01-2020
Last year flew by - how is it already January 2020? Regardless of how quick 2019 felt, the last year of the decade was a BIG one for EDHEC and its Global MBA programme. Over 150 Global MBA students graduated into the world joining 40,000 others... Read more
MBA Programme - 24-01-2020
Today, the Financial Times published its European Business School rankings and for the 4th consecutive year, EDHEC is among the TOP 15. EDHEC Business School also maintained its position in the Top 4 French Grandes Ecoles.  This award is based... Read more
MBA Programme - 24-01-2020
Sustainability is at the top of everyone’s minds as climate change movements have recently spread worldwide. EDHEC hosted its third annual MBA Refresher Event with its timely theme, “Making an Impact: EDHEC & Sustainability.” Overlooking the... Read more
MBA Programme - 24-01-2020
The transaction values Scientific Beta at €200m and is expected to be completed by the end of January. Recognised since 1958 as a public interest not-for-profit association under France’s Law of 1901, EDHEC has been pursuing a disruptive strategy... Read more
MBA Programme - 10-12-2019
Written in association with Jean Luc, a current Global MBA candidate   EDHEC’s Global MBA programme is in full swing with its newest intake, the 59th MBA cohort. Nearly two months into their programme, students are acclimatising to life in Nice... Read more
MBA Experience - 06-12-2019
Meet Krystyna Ledochowska, a Global MBA alumna who made the triple-jump after graduation leaping from the world of luxury yachts to land her dream job at a sustainable startup. Let’s discover how she accomplished this feat. Two years ago, Krystyna... Read more
MBA Experience - 28-11-2019
EDHEC Global MBA candidates thrive in an environment where they create strong, professional relationships with classmates, and it’s the addition of a global alumni network that open entirely new doors - and insights. Recently, some EDHEC alumni came... Read more
MBA Programme - 18-11-2019
EDHEC is proud to announce that its Executive MBA programme was ranked in the Top 100 EMBA programmes worldwide by the Financial Times. This marks the third year in a row that our prestigious, executive-level programme has ascended the Financial... Read more
MBA Programme - 15-11-2019
Whether internal or external, sometimes difficult or contentious, negotiation is part of the daily life of leaders and executives, who negotiate constantly with their collaborators, partners, clients, service providers… Yet, mastering negotiation is... Read more
MBA Experience - 07-11-2019
At only 31 years old, Kévin Barrois (EMBA 2020) is Chief Financial Officer of the N3C Group - the leader in the refrigeration and HVAC market based in the North of Paris. His impressive achievements have earned him the distinction of being one of... Read more



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