Written on 14 Jan 2016.

Sandra Richez, Head of EDHEC Global MBA Career Services hosted the CareerSMART Days that involved three days of seminars including sessions on the MBA Employment Market, Networking, Career Transition, Job search and obtaining the European Blue Card, among others. Highlights included a panel discussion with the Deputy Mayor of Nice and former CEO of Texas Instruments France as well as experienced entrepreneur. A thought-provoking session on Self-Assessment & Career Choice by Ms Richez and EDHEC Alumni were two inspiring events of the CareerSMART Days.

The session on Self-Assessment enlightened MBA participants on their career direction and explored the psychological desire for their future careers. The yoga-like inspiration lead participants to their inner world by reflection and enabled them to explore and clarify their career orientation. 

The Alumni Association that was presented during the event widens the channel through which the MBA participants are readily exposed to more job or business opportunities. A session with SEO Connect in London by teleconference clarified the requirements and positioning of the booming UK recruitment market. When asked the question “Are the companies you are in touch with willing to sponsor the work visas for non-European candidates?” the SEO replied “London welcomes talents with diverse background, as conflicting ideas push forward innovation”. Soumita, a 31-year-old Indian MBA participant with a background in IT greatly appreciated the event adding “I finally realized how to look for a job after the CareerSmart Days.”