Written on 07 May 2015.

About 30% of all MBA graduates join management consulting firms and most Fortune 500 corporations hire external consultants, especially in their strategy department. Most consultants go on to get management positions in the industry after a few years. This means MBAs will become, hire or work with current or ex-consultants.

EDHEC Business School along with Professor Mark Kitten, who has more than experience of 15 years in strategy consulting at McKinsey & Company and Candesic Strategy Consultants in London, made the student familiar with effective problem solving techniques, consulting frame works, and case-based interview. Different consulting methodologies used by consultants with discussed in detail with some problem solving activities.

The course was followed by an opportunity for the MBA participants where in they can practise and excel at their consulting skills while solving real business problems of organisations. The consulting projects are offered by large renowned firms, as well as small start-ups which participants can select to work on depending on their preferences. 

Professor Mark Kitten advised participants on the criteria of selection of projects based on individual expertise, interest, aspirations and development of new skills. 

How consultants approach a problem step by step, what is the most efficient way of designing solutions as per the clients requirements, what are possible difficulties and how to deal with them systematically were some of the important topics discussed. 

Each consulting project was discussed in brief before participants could vote for the projects. Lisa Nezam and Sandra Richez provided students with support and guidance throughout the process of selection of consulting projects. 

Once the participants selected projects they wished to work with, a supervising professor guides the participants through the completion of the consulting professor. Some of the companies who offered consulting projects this year were, Air Liquide, Amadeus, Bouygues Telecom, Calderys, Feeligreen, IFF, Pearson, Village Inc and Vodafone from different regions around the globe.