Develop your skills with EDHEC MBA Clubs

Written on 29 Mar 2017.

Even with fast-paced schedules and busy lives, the members of the EDHEC Global MBA program find a way to develop their data analytics skills by attending monthly club meetings that are specifically tailored to their interests. 


Club meetings are organized, run and attended by MBA candidates, who both provide their individual expertise and encourage professionals from around the globe to visit the Nice campus and share their unique knowledge and skills with future data analytics experts.  

EDHEC MBA candidates have also formed a consulting club, an entrepreneurship club and a project management club. 

The data analytics club and the consulting club held a joint meeting where attendees participated in their own Kaggle competition, Nov. 16. 

According to the rules of the Kaggle competition, students had to statistically predict the survival rates of passengers on the Titanic using provided demographic information and data analytics tools like Excel. The winner walked away with a bottle of bubbly for their evening meal and some invaluable analysis skills to use in their career. 

Winston Green Jr., an EDHEC Global MBA candidate and a facilitator for the data analytics club said these activities add a very important component to the MBA curriculum since data analytics is such an integral part of every aspect of business in the 21st century.

Irrespective of the industry, there is always a potential use case for data analytics, so I see it both from a consulting standpoint and from a pure business standpoint,” Green continued. 

The Data Analytics club has two facilitators and anywhere between 16 to 20 students at club meetings. 

According to Or Cohen, an EDHEC Global MBA candidate and a facilitator for the consulting club, one of the most important opportunities the clubs provide is the chance for MBA candidates to hone their skills by sharing knowledge and helping to push each other forward. 

The diversity and the enthusiasm of students to contribute beyond normal hours is one of the (key factors) to the success of our clubs,” Cohen said. 

Facilitators for the consulting club rotate each month so each member has the opportunity to gain expertise on a specific topic relevant to consulting and share their knowledge with their classmates. 

We are in (an intensive) 10 month MBA program, so sustained success requires continuous commitment for people to take on more and more demanding roles,” Green said. 

We are delighted to see the strong engagement of our MBA candidates in running clubs and providing networking and learning opportunities to each other,” EDHEC MBA Director Michelle Sisto said. “I had the pleasure of attending the Kaggle competition and it was a great occasion to learn from the candidates.

By Melissa Stewart, EDHEC Global MBA Candidate