Written on 12 Nov 2014.

Within the 2014-2015 EDHEC Global MBA class we find James Cashman, a 43 year old U.S. citizen from New Jersey. We discover his background, his reasons for choosing the EDHEC Global MBA and get his first impressions of the programme.

James studied English Literature and Theology at Georgetown University in Washington D.C. and first experienced life in Europe after college graduation when he attended Goethe Institute in Germany. Upon completing his initial studies, James moved to Wall Street eventually becoming a Vice President at Morgan Stanley where he worked until 2002. From 2002-2014 he worked at The Bank of New York Mellon where he eventually reached the position of Managing Director.

While working, James enhanced his education with several certifications such as Financial Risk Manager, Chartered Financial Analyst, and Professional Risk Manager. Through his career path James was responsible for a range of different tasks from Operations to Trading to Sales & Marketing.

“I wanted  to make a career change, perhaps towards the field of Impact Investing, and this is the main reason why I chose to apply to EDHEC Global MBA. This MBA represents several advantages for me :(a)  It’s located in Europe, south of France, hence compared to U.S.,  EDHEC is very close to  many different cultures and business opportunities.  Here on the EDHEC Nice campus we are 30 minutes from Italy by car and  about 1 hour from Geneva. The airport is a 10 minute walk from Campus and we can be in Paris in just over an hour. (b) The Global MBA program lasts 10 months which is good for people who want to build a new career path without being away from business for too long.

 My  first impressions after joining the class this September, are that I’m really impressed by the diversity of the class. We represent 27 nationalities, and have many different backgrounds and career projects, a true diversity in the way of working. I’m happy to see that I can balance school life in Nice with my home life in neighbouring Mougins. I’m also struck by the highly intense sequence of the courses: indeed since September we already attended hard skills courses like Accounting, in a very efficient manner for a couple of weeks, and also improved our soft skills with many courses or seminars helping us to know much better about ourselves, our fellow classmates, and the optimized way to team with them. I knew it would be intense before starting and I’m really pushed by the efficiency of how we are taught by the professors or external consultants. I really feel I’m learning a lot.”

True to the expression coined by Global MBA alumni, we can say James is beginning his Global MBA life changing experience in the place he chose to build his new career path. He is looking forward his next courses and the benefits he will retrieve from them.