Written on 14 Jan 2016.

EDHEC CareerSMART Services actively help MBA Participants progress towards their career aspirations. One of the ways how CareerSMART brings MBA participants on par with the expectations of job market is through its Career Coaching initiative where each student is assigned to a specific career coach.

The EDHEC Global MBA career coaches experienced at helping MBA participants with their career transition, career progression and career choice issues. Some of the coaches have expertise in careers in Finance, Consulting, and Entrepreneurship.

MBA participants with well formed ideas of their career goals benefit from personalised coaching sessions with specialists coaches. Generalist coaches assist participants considering a wider spectrum of career options and help them to refine their career possibilities by focusing on those which participants can relate to most. MBA participants planning to return to their former roles also get an opportunity to devise strategies with the guidance of their coach to channelize their career in a direction they wish to, in their organisations.

Coaches assist participants in challenging their professional aspirations and encourage them to build strong profiles and awareness of market needs. Coaching helps MBA participants market their skills coherently with the professional goals they have. The sessions also include CV and LinkedIn clinics for MBA participants with tips on effective use of social media to make it easier for the recruiters to find them. MBA participants can engage with their coaches to fine-tune the way they present themselves to recruiters and companies offering their dream jobs. The participants are made aware of current trends in recruiting and hiring, and how they can strategically plan their career transition and progression.

In a competitive environment, the career coaching initiative helps EDHEC Global MBA participants present their expertise with finesse and be market-ready. Inclusion of the CareerSMART coaching early in the course, equips participants with the right tools well in advance. 


Written by – Vrushali Talekar