Written on 19 Oct 2015.

MBA Summit_photo.jpg

They say, “Every mountain top is within reach … if you just keep climbing…” . Whether or not to pursue an MBA is probably one of the most difficult and most important decisions in any individual seeking a life-changing experience. Well, here they are! From all over 28 different countries, a total of 82 multi-cultural with diverse backgrounds have made that same decision in pursuit of one and only one objective: climbing to the top.

On this occasion, Emmanuel Metais, PhD, Associate Dean for Graduate Studies and Philippe Very, PhD, Head of Management and Strategy, have designed a real life experience to experiment with and reflect on leadership issues while fostering EDHEC Global MBA team spirit. This experience is built around an ambitious project with the objective to plant the MBA flag at the top of a mountain in the Mercantour National Park located in Roubion, France. Mercantour National Park is one of most popular parks in France with over 800,000 annual visitors each year who come from all over Europe to enjoy hiking in the marked footpaths and picturesque nature.

The two-day experience was a great initiative for relationship building as well as team building in a sense where participants naturally understood each other’s strength and weaknesses and worked together in team spirit.

Every year during the MBA summit, MBA participants are divided into groups where each group competes on designing a new flag to represent the class of MBA. It is worthy to say, that a very remarkable and creative flag was designed this year. The flag is white with a red eagle as displayed on the arms of the House of Savoy, former rulers of the city of Nice. Under the eagle is a globe representing all the nationalities represented in the MBA.

A very interesting experience that was recorded during the MBA Summit, was the constant struggle in mind between giving up or keep on pushing further and further, a very common phase that we all pass through in our daily lives. Whenever one gets to the point where they feel the need to quit, is probably the best time to push just a little further only to be surprised that success is there waiting for them. With all the difficulties and all the struggles, achievement is by far rewarding. Standing tall on the summit above the horizon makes you look down into what you have achieved and fills you up with a feeling like no other…