Written on 14 Jan 2016.

The EDHEC Global MBA class recently completed the class on Intellectual Property Law, taught by Professor Christophe Roquilly, the Director of LegalEDHEC Research Centre and the Associate Dean for Faculty and Research.

The class covered the topic from a strategic angle for global companies, discussing how companies such as Michelin and Disney, for example, have leveraged their patent and copyright portfolios to increase their revenues and boost their profits by issuing licenses for royalties. Participants also learned about the options available to companies looking to protect their intellectual property in an international context. Plenty of case studies were used to illustrate the extent to which infringing on patents, trademarks, or copyright poses a risk for global companies as well as start-ups.

Vrushali Talekar, a 27 year old Indian participant with a background in Software Engineering and Business Development, found the course “very relevant for anyone wishing to become entrepreneurs and innovators. We learned so much in a very short span.”

According to Professor Roquilly, this course is important for future global managers because “intellectual property is a key issue for many companies, and not only in the high tech industry. Think about Disney Inc. and its copyright portfolio, LVMH and its brands/trademarks strategy, Apple or Samsung and their fight around patents. IP rights are a kind of ‘two sides of the same coin.’ Indeed, on one hand they allow companies to protect their business, marketing, artistic and technological creation (or the ones they have acquired). On the other hand, they can put on break on innovations and new services because of an extreme use and enforcement of the rights.” 

Prof Roquilly calls teaching the EDHEC MBA class “an exciting and challenging experience. Participants come from all over the world. They have different backgrounds, professional experiences, culture and education. And they bring to the IP session their own additional value. “