Written on 29 Sep 2015.

Cesare di Emidio's first impressions

Cesare Di Emidio, a 34 year old Industrial Engineer from Italy, with a multi-year working experience in private equity and current Global MBA participant (September 2015 intake), was interviewed regarding his very first impressions about his new adventure.


What was the first thing that impressed you the most after these two first weeks of Global MBA?

“The first exciting feature that stimulated me the most was the EDHEC's campus in Nice: a modern and well-organized building placed just in front of the most important city promenade, “La Promenade des Anglais”. Moreover, the multicultural environment that you perceive inside the school well represents EDHEC's international and global attitude.”


What about the city?

“The city of Nice, with its hot sun and long beaches, is a really exciting and well-planned location, furthermore, the charming Old Town is very similar to Italy, so...sometimes it is like being at home!”


What are your first impressions about the school and the Global MBA program?

“First of all I really appreciated EDHEC's international office that welcomed us with useful advice regarding different matters such as: transports, health insurance, flats and possible subsidies for international students. Secondly, I really cherished the whole floor that the school has reserved for MBA participants only, completely equipped with private classrooms, auditoriums and one workout room provided with computers, printers, copy machines and even daily newspapers. Finally, I was really affected by the school's organization: through the use of WebAurion, EDHEC's

online platform, you can easily access MBA timetables and schedules with your computer or IPAD!”


Please give us a final comment about your Global MBA class.

“Well, 30 different nationalities from Europe, America, Asia and Africa with various academic and professional backgrounds: I am sure that it will be a real life-changing experience!”


Written by Marco Trada