Written on 14 Jan 2016.

After a challenging few weeks of Legal Management, career preparation, and Macroeconomics courses, the EDHEC Global MBA participants enjoyed a much-needed weeklong break from their studies. Many participants saw this week break as an opportunity to get away to a new place, others chose to stay in the region and get to know their new home a little better.

“The MBA is tough, and sometimes you really need a break,” says Yoshito Kunungi, a 35 year old Japanese participant and HR professional. He happily stayed in Nice, which he calls a “beautiful city for both study and play.” He took in the Matisse museum, the Place Massena, and took the train for day trips to nearby Marseille, Cannes and Monaco.

Living in Nice means easy access to the rest of Europe. The train station downtown has lines leading virtually anywhere in France, Switzerland, and Italy. The airport, conveniently located within walking distance from the EDHEC campus means participants can easily have breakfast in Nice and lunch in London for an affordable price.

Patrick Kroeger, a 27 year old Canadian participant with a background in commercial banking, took the train to nearby Italy to go hiking in the famous coastline walking route, the Cinque Terre and a trip to Rome.  For him, the highlights were the town of Vernazza in the Cinque Terre for its picturesque nature and seeing the Coliseum in Rome. “It’s just amazing that it is somehow still there after all these years, and just how big it is,” he says.

For Rubin Laska, a 26 year old American and former credit analyst, the week off was an opportunity to visit family members in the southwest and the eastern part of France. A highlight for him was taking advantage of the free admission to the Strasbourg museum, a tradition throughout France on the first Sunday of each month.

Wherever the participants went for the week, they are all back on campus now, refreshed from the break and ready for the next challenge.