Written on 29 Mar 2017.

The Economist has published the World Ranking of Full Time MBA programmes and the EDHEC Global MBA has made an impressive leap to 34th position. This confirms EDHEC’s place among the best MBAs in the world and secures the programme in the Top10 MBAs in Europe.

MBA environment (programme content and educational experience)

2nd for education experience*

17th for personal development and educational experience*

29th for student assessment of faculty

30th for student assessment of facilities*

33rd for student rating of the programme

The Education Experience is the overall experience you will get from your MBA adventure. The EDHEC Global MBA 10 month curriculum has been tailored to meet today’s business needs. Expert faculty combine successful professional experience with outstanding academic research and come from all corners of the globe. The state of the art facilities on the French Riviera provide the ideal learning environment.


MBA Students and Alumni

4th for professional experience of students (8 years on average)*

6th for international diversity of class

15th for student diversity 

25th for internationalism of alumni 

41st for potential to network

The experience of the MBA class and the diversity of professional, educational and geographical backgrounds lead to a rich learning environment. 30 000 alumni provide lifetime support and a powerful networking resource in 120 countries. 


Careers Service and Placement

28th  for student assessment of careers service*

51st  for % increase in salary

The innovative Career SMART programme is integrated into the EDHEC Global MBA curriculum. The range of careers activities offered to Global MBA participants include specialised career coaches,  assessment, workshops, online career  resources, talent sourcing and networking. MBA participants collaborate with leading companies in on-line or in-class presentations, roundtables, workshops, or sponsorship of MBA Consulting Projects.

EDHEC Global MBA was also ranked N°4 in Europe for ROI and N°1 for Entrepreneurship in the QS MBA Rankings earlier this year.  With proven results, a guaranteed scholarship policy, significantly lower living costs than many capital cities and an exceptional quality of life, the EDHEC Global MBA is indeed an MBA to explore

* and also number 1 in France