EDHEC’s Global MBA welcomes new participants from all over the world

Written on 14 Sep 2017.

On September 5th, 50 new participants from all around the world started EDHEC’s Global MBA program, with an orientation week aimed at preparing them to work together and get the most out of their 10-month MBA.

Like every year, these new MBA participants make for an incredibly diverse group. They come not only from more than 30 countries to study at EDHEC’s Nice Campus, on the French Riviera, but also from very different fields, ranging from consulting to finance, manufacturing, healthcare or the public sector. Different functions are also represented, from marketing to supply chain or human resources. This multidimensional diversity will ensure a fascinating exchange of ideas and perspectives in class and team projects.

With an average age of 32.5 and average work experience of 8 years, these professionals all intend to develop their global leadership and give their careers a more international turn, whether it involves taking up new functions, changing company, or starting their own business.

“In a very hands-on way, this orientation week showed participants how teamwork, cross-cultural communication and leadership contribute to high performance in a global setting,” Sandra Richez, EDHEC MBA Acting Programme Director. 

A treasure hunt to build up team spirit

Orientation was first about getting to know one another. It included a one-day excursion to a beautiful wine estate, where participants took part in a one-of-a-kind outdoor treasure hunt. For Sandra Richez, EDHEC MBA Acting Programme Director, “this team-building exercise allowed them to see the impact of teamwork, leadership and communication while keeping a positive work atmosphere - something which will certainly help juggle demanding class assignments in the months to come.”

Another highlight of the week was a Managerial Competencies seminar, a practical reflection about the way individual personalities and team dynamics impact business and performance. “It was an enjoyable and educational experience, Adam Skrzypczyk, a participant from Poland, explains, which allowed me to integrate with the class and gain insight into my own personality.” A memorable way to start the Global MBA adventure !


To learn more about EDHEC’s Global MBA, feel free to contact us: mba.admissions@edhec.edu.