Written on 23 Nov 2015.

CareerSMART is a highly personalised career services programme that is integrated into the EDHEC Global MBA curriculum. Since arriving at EDHEC, the Global MBA participants have been working through this innovative programme and for the September intakes, the focus has been on orientation. Participants have been exploring their career desires and how they can leverage their MBA through 4 days of  CareerSMART events.

One session involved Europe's leading career guru Daniel Porot guiding the participants through the use of different practical tools and exercises to design careers. There were spotlight sessions on careers in Consulting, Finance and Entrepreneurship and hands-on clinics. In a social media workshop, Global MBA participants explored the radical changes in recruiting via referrals, LinkedIn, Twitter and other social media. MBA participants will also have a one on one LI profile review with Tony Restell of Social Hire.

For many participants, the highlight of the Careers Days event was their one hour individual meeting with aCareerSMART coach, - either specialised in their field of interest or a generalist to challenge them on their career options and help them devise an action plan to achieve individual career goals. 

Danae Sakkou, 29, is an EDHEC Gobal MBA participant from Greece with a background in education and linguistics. She graduates in December and is currently focusing on how to use the MBA to make a career change. “EDHEC’s CareerSMART programme is so useful in helping us decide what we want to do, and how to achieve it. Sandra Richez, the Career Services Director and all the staff provide advice and guidance and they organize CareerSmart days that build our skills and confidence.”  This is a sentiment that many other MBA candidates share. “Since September there have been workshops during which we receive feedback from professionals and peers on our CVs, LinkedIn profiles, cover letters, networking pitch and job-search issues.” 

For Danae who is hoping to make a career switch into client relationship management within the education sector, changing her professional image is crucial for accomplishing her goal. “The CareerSmart programme offers mock interviews with recruiters to enhance our interview skills and provides us with networking opportunities. For the individualised coaching sessions we are assigned a career coach according to our desired career paths. They offer us direction and guidance to transform our careers.

According to the Economist ranking of Top 100 MBAs worldwide, EDHEC is 28th for student assessment of careers service and 1st in France with 93% of graduates finding jobs within 3 months after graduation.