Written on 10 Mar 2015.

The deadline recently passed for Global MBA participants to select their track, which they will pursue for the month of April. Choosing between Entrepreneurship, Finance, and Global Leadership can be a difficult process for some, and completely obvious for others. Each track offers the participants three weeks of coursework on campus, and one week abroad for company visits, presentations, and networking opportunities.

The Entrepreneurship track participants spend their campus time developing a business model which they will eventually pitch to a panel of investors, and then spend a week in the Silicon Valley, USA. The Finance participants get put through their paces, studying international corporate finance, derivatives, and economics, and then go to the hub of European finance in London to meet industry professionals. And the Global Leadership participants study global project management, and managing in emerging markets, and set off for Singapore to see in practice how global companies are run.

Melanie Jobin, a Canadian participant, chose the Finance track because she says “the school has a strong reputation for finance. I’m looking to learn how financial concepts are applicable in the broad sense of the business. The professor seems really dynamic too. I also hope to maybe one day start my own business, and I’m looking for hard skills that could help me do that.”

Jatin Tyagi, an Indian participant with a background in advertising, chose Entrepreneurship: “I don’t want to be an entrepreneur right away, but often big companies have opportunities for intrapreneurial roles and managing special projects. I think an effective manager should have an entrepreneurial mindset. I’m also looking forward to combining all my MBA knowledge into the making of a real business plan and get feedback from real investors.”

Benedicta Bala-Gbogbo, a Nigerian participant, came from an accounting background at KPMG. She knew long before starting the MBA that she would be choosing the Finance track. “Business is always advancing and finance is always changing. I am looking to deepen my understanding of finance so I can apply it in my work. My long term goals is to eventually own my own business, but for the short term, I want to work in the financial services industry.”

Arun Daniel, a Canadian participant said that for him, “having recently worked as a consultant in Asia, I choose the leadership track in order to gain more in depth knowledge of the region and how to better manage large scale, international projects.”