Written on 14 Jan 2016.

One added benefit of the EDHEC Global MBA programme is the opportunity to take free weekly French classes which are available both to participants and their families at beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels. Marilyn Touflet, the instructor, adapts the material and the focus of the course based on the needs and interests of the students, making the class a unique and valuable learning experience.

She says that what she enjoys most is “the multicultural aspects of the class. MBA participants share their perspective and experience about France from their own country and culture point of view. I think being in France, MBA participants will have the chance to practice the language and reuse what they learn during the French class. Some would like to stay and work in France.  The class is a good opportunity to prepare a job interview in French.  They can prepare their French presentation in order to talk about a company.  I remember a great oral presentation from a participant introducing his own company in French.   And I believe knowing many languages can make a difference on a CV.”

Yifei Liu, a Chinese participant with a background in Risk Consulting, has been taking the advanced French class since she started the EDHEC Global MBA in January. She says the class has been “Useful!  I have been preparing for interviews in French and was recently in Paris where I had a job interview entirely in French.  Speaking the French language is really important at a French business school as it allows you network better with the school’s main alumni, and you are more seen more in Europe like you are from a Grande Ecole.”

Most MBA participants do not speak any French before coming to France however and use their 10 months to enable them to add a new language skill to their CV.