Written on 13 Jan 2016.

Many people know one of the main advantages of an MBA is the network that a participant develops during the program. At the EDHEC Global MBA, participants truly do develop a global network. With approximately thirty countries represented, each participant has the chance to learn from his or her peers culturally, academically, professionally, and, not surprisingly, socially.

Much of the true networking among the Global MBA participants happens after hours and on weekends. It is off of the campus where participants discuss a wide range of issues and get to know each other better. Naturally, the topics of discussion often involve current coursework but they can also develop into further discussions in which personal experiences are shared. It is in these discussions that many of the participants learn very important social lessons. 

Over drinks or at a restaurant, participants often share past experiences. This allows them to learn cultural and professional norms in various places around the world. These conversations broaden the mindset and understanding of each participant because they often involve anecdotal information, or information that will not be covered in class. Corporate culture, customs, ways of doing business, and other such important topics are discussed allowing participants to understand in a larger global context various aspects of business. It is one of the key advantages of the EDHEC Global MBA and all participants will agree that the information shared is invaluable.