Edhec Tips for Remote Learning Success
MBA Programme - 17-07-2020
YOUR NEW "CLASSROOM" If you can, create a dedicated study space, whether it’s a whole room, a corner area or even just part of the surface of your kitchen table. Make it as comfortable and as pleasant as possible and think about the lighting; you... Read more
Edhec Remote Collaboration Tips for Online Communication
MBA Programme - 17-07-2020
As working from home becomes the ‘new normal’ for many teams over the new weeks or months, some of us are scrambling to adjust to challenging working conditions. Here are 5 tricks I’ve learned from a lifetime of flexible working. By Spencer... Read more
Edhec What To Do If You Don’t Get Accepted
MBA Programme - 17-07-2020
After putting hard work and effort into a business school or university application, we understand how disappointing it can be to receive a rejection letter. When the competition is strong, standards are high, and available spots are limited, many... Read more
Edhec 5 reasons why an MBA is a good choice for entrepreneurs
MBA Programme - 07-07-2020
If you are looking to start your own business in the future, having a firm grasp of business fundamentals and a 360 degree vision of all the aspects of creating, managing and leading a successful company are key – and a Global MBA will give you the... Read more
#MyMBAStory Edhec Global MBA graduate Carole Chomat extraordinary entrepreneurail experience
MBA Programme - 07-07-2020
FAST FACTS Name: Carole Chomat Class of: 2019 Nationality: French background: Pharmaceutical/Healthcare Industry Pre-MBA role: Global Programme Leader Post-MBA Goal: Start own business   After 15 year working in various positions in the... Read more
MBA Student Diversity
MBA Programme - 06-07-2020
One factor that may not be so obvious to consider, yet is highly important, is the diversity of the student and teaching body. Here at EDHEC, we believe that a diverse class is the foundation for a truly global MBA experience. As globalisation... Read more
MBA Programme - 30-06-2020
EDHEC’s Executive MBA was ranked 45th worldwide out of 161 programmes (up 6 places relative to 2019 and 15 compared to 2018) and rose to 20th position among Executive MBAs in Europe out of 56 (up 4 places relative to 2019), according to the QS 2020... Read more
MBA Programme - 29-06-2020
The EDHEC Executive MBA was placed 17th worldwide out of 70 business schools by The Economist in its Which MBA? 2020 ranking, a gain of three places relative to 2018. At European level, the EDHEC Executive MBA came in 6th and was rated the 2nd... Read more
EDHEC’s Global MBA Complete Guide to the Admissions Process
MBA Programme - 23-06-2020
Going back to school after starting your professional career can be daunting, so here at EDHEC we strive to make the process as straight-forward as possible. Aude Theobald, Head of Admissions for both the full-time Global MBA and part-time Executive... Read more
Starting Your Global MBA at EDHEC
MBA Programme - 23-06-2020
Aude heads the recruitment and admissions for the programme and is on the admissions committee which means she reviews all the applications - in fact, she might be taking a look at your application next! So after months of research, preparation,... Read more
Edhec Tips to Write an MBA Application Essay
MBA Programme - 23-06-2020
One of the common causes of anxiety when applying and enrolling in executive education is the application itself. Applications are designed to provide a thorough and in-depth perspective on your professional and academic career and crucially show... Read more
Edhec Maximise Your CV for an MBA
MBA Programme - 23-06-2020
When applying for an MBA programme, virtually all programmes ask for a current Curriculum Vitae (CV) or resume. Students who have yet to gain much real-world experience often feel pressured to make their CV perfect, and seasoned professionals can... Read more
MBA Europe French Riviera
MBA Programme - 23-06-2020
Being such a vast and diverse continent, it can be a challenge to figure out where you’d like to get your MBA in Europe. While there’s so many choices out there, we believe the French Riviera is the most ideal location to transform your life as you... Read more
MBA Experience - 20-04-2020
These 12 tips should help carry you through the stages before, during and after the GMAT test. PREPARATION TIPS • Plan your test date well in advance Admissions offices will have a deadline for score submission and candidates often push back their... Read more
MBA Programme - 17-03-2020
Underpinned by an ambitious investment plan amounting to some €230 million, the 2020-2025 strategic plan is set to drive an in-depth transformation of EDHEC: through our research, by making EDHEC the go-to business school worldwide for sustainable... Read more
Edhec Diversity and Inclusion in the workplace
MBA Programme - 11-03-2020
Diversity and inclusion are hot topics and certainly a key theme of discussion when it comes to the 21st Century workplace. As a business school that pushes boundaries and celebrates diversity, EDHEC brought the subject front and centre when it... Read more
Choosign your MBA
MBA Programme - 08-03-2020
Embarking on an MBA can be life-changing. It’s also an investment on many levels; you’ll be putting in a significant budget, a serious amount of time, and you’ll likely move to a new location to attend your preferred school. There’s lots of diverse... Read more
MBA Programme - 02-03-2020
This was the 2nd annual Dublin Tech Trek, and the 1st ever joint EDHEC MSc and MBA Trek worldwide. 23 candidates across both programmes followed a jam-packed schedule of meetings with senior managers and recruiters at 8 leading tech companies: IBM,... Read more
MBA Programme - 28-02-2020
Do you DataViz?  EDHEC Business School, in collaboration with Tableau and UNICEF, is proud to invite you to participate in the EDHEC DataViz Challenge, the first student data visualization challenge for European business schools. The results... Read more
Edhec Creating Connections
MBA Programme - 26-02-2020
On January 9th, EDHEC hosted this year’s annual Global Talent Day at the EDHEC campus in the heart of Paris, where nearly 80 motivated Global MBAs gathered to meet with eight of today’s leading companies, PayPal, Meero,... Read more



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Operating from campuses in Lille, Nice, Paris, London and Singapore, EDHEC is one of the top 15 European business schools, ranked 1st worldwide for its Master in Finance. Fully international and directly connected to the business world, EDHEC commands a strong reputation for research excellence and the ability to train entrepreneurs and managers capable of breaking new ground. EDHEC functions as a genuine laboratory of ideas and produces innovative solutions valued by businesses.
The School’s teaching is inspired by its research work and a focus on “learning by doing”, all with the aim of equipping people with the skills to succeed in business.