Written on 14 Jan 2016.

Right after their weeklong autumn break, the EDHEC Global MBA participants attended a two-day seminar on Sensemaking in Leadership; conducted by Professor Liz Borredon from EDHEC Business School and Peter Daly, Head of Department of Business Communication & Language Studies at EDHEC.

The seminar was conducted using a mix of action-based learning with team based games/activities and studying theoretical concepts. The intense two-day exercise focussed on sensitising the participants on models that can be used for effectively leading, motivating and taking decisions in business scenarios. The students acquired tools to make sense, be aware of situations and lead in complex, ever-changing business environments.

The seminar ended with a World Café where all the different MBA student teams gathered together and discussed their views on Sensemaking with each other. The interactive café was hosted by the professors and gave everyone a chance to reflect on and share their learning from the seminar.

After the seminar, Gilbert El Hoyek, 31, French/Lebanese Technology Team Leader with background in Digital and Telecommunications had this to say - "The Sensemaking in Leadership seminar is a great opportunity to learn a new approach for effectively developing and leading teams. It helps better understand how to make things happen by creating change within organizations and teams. This seminar is a must for every executive and leader."

Written by Jatin Tyagi