Written on 24 Feb 2015.

During the Global MBA Program, participants have the opportunity to join extra-curricular clubs. Along with previously existing clubs focusing on entrepreneurship, marketing, and consultancy, two new clubs have been offered this year: the Finance Club and Energy Club. These clubs, organized and run by Global MBA participants, offer increased opportunities for networking, and allow for more in depth and hands-on learning. They meet weekly at the EDHEC Nice campus and are all well attended by Global MBA participants.

The Entrepreneur Club has been very active. This club is dedicated to EDHEC Global MBA participants and alumni who hope to have a business in the future or wish to know more about the topic. The club offers networking opportunities and presentations from local entrepreneurs.

The Marketing Club consists of those participants who are interested in developing their marketing and advertising skills. The club meets once a week and studies successful marketing campaigns by businesses of all sorts. It recently developed a new logo with input from the former Global MBA class.

The Consulting Club has been the most well-attended. Participants of the club meet weekly and learn different consulting strategies within different sectors of business. Focusing primarily on case studies, the participants typically work in pairs and engage in mock interviews in order to practice different strategies at tackling various cases.

The Finance Club has had a very positive reception. Not only has it already created ties with the MSc Finance participants to share knowledge, the club has also organized a presentation from one Global MBA participant with significant experience in Finance as well as organized a visit to Monaco to learn about opportunities in the region.

The Energy Club has also started off well. With the goal of helping Global MBA participants to network with Energy industry professionals and learn more about the industry in general, the club started off the year with a visit to energy giant Total’s office in Paris where the Director of Strategy and Economic Intelligence presented Total’s global strategic overview. The club plans future visits to corporate offices as well as to bring presenters to the EDHEC campus.

The Global MBA participants enjoy all these clubs and continue to benefit from them. Many are members of several clubs. These clubs provide invaluable hands-on practice and exposure for the Global MBA participants and have allowed them to develop their interests and broaden their skills.