Written on 13 Jan 2016.

In the second week of October, EDHEC’s MBA Consulting club restarted its activities. The 20 member, carried out case studies to warm up the new members. We interviewed one of them, Dinesh Saini, from India, to understand his view and expectations about the club.

Why did you decide to join the consulting club?
I decided to join the consulting club because I worked in project management and I want to work as a consultant. I like to look at a problem, find its cause and find a solution to solve it. I enjoy consulting for its dynamic environment and coming up with solutions to arising problems.
What are your expectations from the club?
First, I like to do case studies; I am also looking for some advice for my future interviews related with jobs in consulting. Beyond that, I want to know more about the trends related to the consulting market, which I believe would be important in my preparation for my post MBA job.
How can you contribute to this club and what can you learn from the club?
Learning is linked with the expectations; I hope to be able to learn how the consulting world works. Here we have people from different industries and countries that can contribute to my learning; we also have students with expertise in consulting that can share their knowledge. In addition, I intend to contribute to the club by bringing new ideas beyond case studies, to discuss new trends and maybe bring some speakers to share their experiences with the students. The CEOs will be difficult but I believe that we can invite some managers from consulting firms to share their experiences.
How can the club contribute to your professional growth and career search after the MBA?
I want to work as an in-house consultant and I believe that will allow me to work in consulting strategy and change management simultaneously. Here we have the best opportunity to learn how to achieve that. I think that in the future, as we develop this club more, we will have new talents to contribute, better resources, a higher reach of the consulting club, overall a more evolved club.