Written on 14 Jan 2016.

Candidates seeking an MBA starting in January 2015 with a scholarship of as much as 60% off tuition fees are reminded that the application deadline is 30th November.

EDHEC Global MBA candidates are reminded that the guaranteed scholarship policy is still in place for the next intake and are encouraged to seize this final opportunity to benefit from a scholarship worth 25 110 euros with early enrolment before the new, high-score GMAT policy is put into place for September 2015. 

January 2015

Excellence scholarship = 60% off fees of 40 500 euros for GMAT of 700 or over  

September 2015

Excellence scholarship = 50% off fees of 41000 euros for GMAT of 720 or over

The new scholarship policy is already in place for candidates with a GMAT of 580 and over.  Such candidates now enjoy a scholarship worth 13 735 euros off their tuition fees with early enrolment.

EDHEC Global MBA’s transparent scholarship policy enables candidates to know exactly what tuition fees they will pay ahead of time and allow good financial planning.  Because of the nature of our MBA scholarship policy, no financial aid application is required – if you fall under the category, GMAT, Nationality, Diversity, Experience….the scholarship is awarded.

The MBA application deadline of 30th November is fast-approaching however and candidates are advised to move forwards promptly to allow ample time for visa, housing and other admin.

The application procedure includes upload of CV, two essays, transcripts of grades and a Skype, telephone or on-campus interview. GMAT score can be sent at a later date but will be required for a firm offer and for the student visa procedure if applicable.

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