MBA Experience - 23-10-2018
Starting an MBA is a unique opportunity to build a more fulfilling professional future for yourself. To make sure you obtain the best advice, EDHEC relies on world-class coaches and teachers, but also on the knowledge and experience of its former... Read more
MBA Experience - 18-09-2018
Whether your ambition is to boost your career, learn the latest in leadership, expand your network or get international exposure, EDHEC Global MBA is the right choice. With a typical class comprised of 30 nationalities with as many... Read more
MBA Experience - 14-06-2018
To start an executive education programme is to decide to change the course of one’s career and, more broadly, of one’s life journey. On May 25th, 300 participants to EDHEC Executive Education programmes (Global MBA, Executive MBA, Advanced... Read more
MBA Experience - 28-05-2018
Whether you want to give your career a boost or start your own business, increase your salary, develop your skills or give a more international dimension to your profile, you know it already: what you need is an MBA! After a first phase of research... Read more
MBA Experience - 09-05-2018
For its brand new Digital Innovation Track, EDHEC’s Global MBA teamed up with IBM France to allow future leaders and entrepreneurs to master the challenges of change management, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and new methods of innovation management... Read more
MBA Experience - 02-11-2017
The annual “EDHEC MBA Refresher” took place on October 14th on EDHEC Business School Campus in Nice, at the heart of the beautiful French Riviera. This event was an exciting opportunity for this close-knit network of former MBA students to catch-up... Read more
MBA Experience - 11-10-2017
EDHEC student clubs are an opportunity to combine passion with the MBA curriculum, to share ideas and practices among like-minded MBAs, and to open the network and share with alumni, companies and professional associations. EDHEC... Read more
MBA Experience - 10-10-2017
Many candidates do an MBA to facilitate a career transition, and EDHEC's Global MBA participants are no exception. Candidates often choose EDHEC thanks to a robust program called CareerSMART, developed to accompany and challenge students... Read more
MBA Experience - 14-09-2017
On September 5th, 50 new participants from all around the world started EDHEC’s Global MBA program, with an orientation week aimed at preparing them to work together and get the most out of their 10-month MBA. Like every year, these new MBA... Read more
MBA Experience - 30-08-2017
It’s the busiest time of the year for MBA Admissions Offices around the world, with many schools setting a 30th June application deadline. There is still time therefore, to go through the following 10 point plan to prepare your MBA application and... Read more
MBA Experience - 20-07-2017
  The GMAT (Graduate Management Admissions Test) is a standardized test, used by reputable business schools all around the world to get an idea of how well a candidate is likely to perform in the classroom. It is often feared or loathed by... Read more
MBA Experience - 20-07-2017
The EDHEC – PWN partnership’s purpose is to help you advance to the next level in your career or business by knowledge sharing and mutual support and engagement. PWN promotes sharing of ideas, providing mutual support and inspiration within the... Read more
MBA Experience - 20-07-2017
By Fabian Santana, EDHEC Global MBA Class of 2015   There are many things that come to mind when you talk about a financial analyst. Picture a man in his early 30’s in a sober checkered shirt and casual running shoes; make him punctual,... Read more
MBA Experience - 07-04-2017
Almost 200 graduates from the Executive Education and MBA programmes turned up this weekend to celebrate the successful completion of their EDHEC degree course. Accompanied by their friends, family and colleagues, the graduates celebrated the end of... Read more
MBA Experience - 29-03-2017
France. There’s a lot more to see than cheese, wine and the Eiffel Tower… France is home to an Elite Education system, the “Grande Ecole”, which is reputed throughout Europe and indeed the world, for its outstanding excellence. No Fewer than 11... Read more
MBA Experience - 29-03-2017
It was Day 1 for more than just the EDHEC Global MBA Class of 2016 earlier this week! Not only did 82 MBA participants arrive on campus from every corner of the world, but also Professor Michelle Sisto* gave her first welcome speech as the new EDHEC... Read more
MBA Experience - 29-03-2017
Soumita's personal experience - Class of 2014 Why EDHEC Business School? Much before I appeared for GMAT, a very good friend of mine first introduced me with the Global MBA program of EDHEC Business School. As per his suggestion, I myself looked... Read more
MBA Experience - 29-03-2017
Candidates for the September 2015 intake of the EDHEC Global MBA are reminded that the application deadline is 30th June. While some flexibility on this date can be granted to candidates who do not foresee any visa issues and who need extra time to... Read more
MBA Experience - 29-03-2017
MBA Class 2015-2016  Effective Project Management leads to faster implementation which leads to faster return on investment. In today's world, Project Management is critical for business performance and organisational success. Acknowledging... Read more
MBA Experience - 29-03-2017
Before embarking on the quest for the right MBA, there are a few questions that you need to answer. The first may be Why pursue an MBA ? The second is probably Which is right for me - a 1 year or a 2 year MBA ?  There are several reasons for... Read more



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