MBA Experience - 18-12-2015
In mid-November, four Global MBA participants were accepted to attend the Top Women Summit, in Brussels, Belgium. The annual event welcomes high achieving female graduates and professionals with over 10 years of experience from institutions and... Read more
MBA Experience - 23-11-2015
CareerSMART is a highly personalised career services programme that is integrated into the EDHEC Global MBA curriculum. Since arriving at EDHEC, the Global MBA participants have been working through this innovative programme and for the September... Read more
MBA Experience - 29-09-2015
Cesare di Emidio's first impressions Cesare Di Emidio, a 34 year old Industrial Engineer from Italy, with a multi-year working experience in private equity and current Global MBA participant (September 2015 intake), was interviewed regarding his... Read more
MBA Experience - 23-06-2015
EDHEC MBA Class of 2014 Placement Report now available ! Top corporations who employed 2014 EDHEC MBAs in 18 countries include Amazon, Amadeus, Asahi Kasei, Bain, BCG, Bertelsmann, Bic Group, BNP Paribas, Deutsche Bank, EY, John Deere, Microsoft,... Read more
MBA Experience - 26-05-2015
One year or two? The numbers were turning around in Christopher's head as he contemplated the pros and cons of each. As a 33 year old American, Chris knew that he wanted to get through his MBA sooner rather than later - at the same time however, he... Read more
MBA Experience - 30-04-2015
Rajul Verma, a Management Consultant and EDHEC Global MBA alumnus has had rich experience in Product Lifecylce Management, while working with organisations like Accenture Nordics, ECCO, Schneider Electric, Infosys, Adidas and GE. From helping... Read more
MBA Experience - 28-04-2015
According to “QS Top MBA Application Survey 2014”, scholarships are the N°1 factor that candidates consider when choosing their MBA. Scholarship policies however are often vague and illogical. To make it easier for you to plan your MBA budget, EDHEC... Read more
MBA Experience - 09-04-2015
The EDHEC Global MBA is carried out entirely in English. Because of the diversity, English is the second or third language of many of the participants. While this may seem to be a major challenge to some, in fact, it is an added benefit of the... Read more
MBA Experience - 31-03-2015
The mission of EDHEC's Business Incubator is to provide a flexible and effective support to students and graduates of the EDHEC group wishing to start their own business. EDHEC's incubator programme EDHEC Young Entrepreneur or EYE for short, helps... Read more
MBA Experience - 26-03-2015
MBA applications require a CV that efficiently conveys key information to answer the selection committee's question "How can this candidate be of use in the classroom?" There are many websites suggesting that you need a complete CV overhaul to... Read more
MBA Experience - 11-03-2015
Most MBA candidates intend to use their newly-completed education as a springboard to future career opportunities. But what are the best methods to find these opportunities? Melanie Jobin, an EDHEC Global MBA candidate from Quebec, is searching for... Read more
MBA Experience - 10-03-2015
Sandra Richez, the EDHEC Global MBA Careers Advisor and innovator of the CareerSMART programme continues her series of advice and insight into some of the changing recruitment trends and explains what they actually mean to MBA candidates... Read more
MBA Experience - 26-02-2015
Sandra Richez, the EDHEC Global MBA Careers Advisor and innovator of the CareerSMART programme offers regular advice to our MBA candidates. She is pleased to share her insight into some changing recruitment trends and what they actually mean to the... Read more
MBA Experience - 26-02-2015
Danae Sakkou from Greece began the EDHEC Global MBA program in the January intake. Before coming to EDHEC, she was an instructor at several language schools teaching English. In 2013, she completed a Master?s degree in linguistic development, which... Read more
MBA Experience - 25-02-2015
Nikhil Shah, a 37-year-old Filipino-Spanish-Indian participant with a background in Operations and Management Systems Auditing, joined EDHEC Global MBA program in January 2015. With an MBA in Operations already in hand, Nikhil, this time wants to... Read more
MBA Experience - 24-02-2015
During the Global MBA Program, participants have the opportunity to join extra-curricular clubs. Along with previously existing clubs focusing on entrepreneurship, marketing, and consultancy, two new clubs have been offered this year: the Finance... Read more
MBA Experience - 23-02-2015
Yang Yang, a current Global MBA participant from China, used social media to help her make a decision as to what MBA program she would pursue. After first using several online websites such as Le Point, l'Etudiant, Campus France, as well as Chinese... Read more
MBA Experience - 20-02-2015
"If you are going to spend years of your life working hard, chasing an idea then make sure it is a big idea" - Michael Baum. The MBA class of 2015 was privileged to spend a few hours with visionary serial entrepreneur Michael Baum. Kicking off the... Read more
MBA Experience - 22-01-2015
So what's the big deal with diversity? We see it mentioned in every MBA brochure and emblazoned in every MBA website but what does diversity actually mean and why all the buzz? Diversity is the state or quality of being different or varied*. It’s a... Read more
MBA Experience - 12-01-2015
While I chose the EDHEC Global MBA for several reasons, the aspect that attracted me the most was the international diversity of the candidates. My class of 77 peers is composed from 27 nationalities. It has been very insightful to have such a... Read more



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