MBA Programme - 14-01-2016
One of the principal pedagogical strategies of the EDHEC Global MBA is Team Work. For most classes, a large component of the class involves at least one Team Assignment. These Team Assignments draw on the strengths and challenges of the MBA... Read more
MBA Programme - 13-01-2016
EDHEC Global MBA participants were recently treated to a course entitled Managing the Internationalization of the Firm, with Professor Louis Hbert, from HEC business school in Montreal. The course consisted of the why and how firms expand globally... Read more
MBA Programme - 13-01-2016
In the second week of October, EDHEC’s MBA Consulting club restarted its activities. The 20 member, carried out case studies to warm up the new members. We interviewed one of them, Dinesh Saini, from India, to understand his view and expectations... Read more
MBA Programme - 01-10-2015
September intake of EDHEC Global MBA recently finished their accounting class, highly praise Prof.Joseph G. Fisher, their charming and humorous professor. Although Accounting is not an easy course for many, especially for beginners, Professor... Read more
MBA Programme - 07-05-2015
About 30% of all MBA graduates join management consulting firms and most Fortune 500 corporations hire external consultants, especially in their strategy department. Most consultants go on to get management positions in the industry after a few... Read more
MBA Programme - 30-04-2015
Professor Karin Kollenz-Quétard, PhD University of Vienna and former strategy consultant at BCG and ADL and VP Marketing Strategy & Insights at T-Mobile Austria, made the EDHEC Global MBA participants familiar with what strategy means in today’s... Read more
MBA Programme - 09-04-2015
The Global MBA participants recently completed a two and a half day business simulation in which groups led companies in China, Europe, and the United States. Using an online program and supervised by three professors including EDHEC Global MBA... Read more
MBA Programme - 10-03-2015
The deadline recently passed for Global MBA participants to select their track, which they will pursue for the month of April. Choosing between Entrepreneurship, Finance, and Global Leadership can be a difficult process for some, and completely... Read more
MBA Programme - 27-02-2015
Today?s MBA graduates aspire to become tomorrow?s managers. As managers, they will need to do more than just address routine problems - they will have to respond to change. To wrestle with change requires more than just heuristics; managers must... Read more
MBA Programme - 17-12-2014
The EDHEC Global MBA participants spent an intense few days studying Philosophy and how it will relate to their future careers. Led by Prof. Geert Demuijnck, PhD, the Global MBA participants learned and discussed important issues within business... Read more
MBA Programme - 16-12-2014
The Macroeconomics class taught by Professor Shlomo Maital focused on utilizing ten macroeconomic tools to strengthen participants' analytical abilities as global managers. Ernestas Daraska, a Lithuanian participant with a background in Stock... Read more
MBA Programme - 11-12-2014
EDHEC Global MBA class recently attended a class on presentation skills by Kerry Choun, co-writer of "The Storyboard Approach". You might already have made many presentations, using well-known tools, however have you always been efficient?  Kerry... Read more
MBA Programme - 10-12-2014
For three days, Prof. Monnet, led the Global MBA participants through the darker side of business, educating them on various forms of criminal risk including piracy, money laundering, counterfeiting, kidnapping, non-ethical competitors, corruption,... Read more
MBA Programme - 19-11-2014
Every year, the EDHEC Global MBA participants have the privilege of attending Accounting taught by Professor Joseph Fisher, PhD. Widely regarded by past and present Global MBA participants as one of their favorites, Professor Fisher, PhD has the... Read more
MBA Programme - 11-06-2014
13 teams of EDHEC Global MBA Student-Consultants begin their 8-week strategic missions with this year?s winners of the Global MBA Consulting Project Pitches: Google, L'Oreal, Bic, Amadeus, Air Liquide, Schneider Electric, Allergan, Pearson, Edmiston... Read more



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