Written on 05 May 2014.

Did you know that thanks to EDHEC?s transparent and guaranteed scholarship policy you can secure one scholarship while preparing a scholarship upgrade?


Financing an MBA can be just as hard as choosing the school so EDHEC has devised a clear scholarship policybuilt to improve the core values of the programme and allowing a maximum of candidates to benefit from financial aid.

Applicants for the Global MBA can benefit from up to 60% off their tuition fees through their GMAT score but many candidates opt to secure a 1st Nationality Scholarship in the meantime. By going through the application process without GMAT or with a lower than expected score in a first time, they can aim for a conditional offer and with this in hand, they can enrol to get 20% off tuition fees if they are among the first three citizens of their nationality*.

Once this first scholarship has been secured, candidates can concentrate on their GMAT – either preparing a first sitting or doing a GMAT retake. If the score meets one of our categories, the scholarship is automatically awarded accordingly. Candidates can retake GMAT as many times as they wish, as long as they report their final score before the start of term and the scholarship can be upgraded each time.

In addition to the 1st Nationality Scholarship, candidates can fit other scholarship categories such asExperience, Diversity, Entrepreneurship… Each category has been chosen as a key value in the programme.

The EDHEC scholarship policy with its transparency and simplicity has been praised by candidates.

“Compared to other schools, I found the EDHEC scholarship policy to be more transparent and more generous. I found the awarding conditions listed on EDHEC website so clear that it allowed me to better plan my budget as I moved forward in my MBA application."

"I knew for sure that if I hit the GMAT score I was aiming for, I'd get the corresponding scholarship. There was nothing ambiguous or misleading in the policy.”

“Each scholarship is obviously aimed at increasing the quality of the programme. » 

Candidates are advised to apply as soon as possible to secure their scholarship. Scholarships cannot be accumulated with the exception of the 
Early Enrolment reduction which offers an extra 5% off remaining fees.

*To date, the following 1st Nationality Scholarships have been exhausted: Indian, Japanese, American and Canadian. All other