Written on 28 Apr 2015.

According to “QS Top MBA Application Survey 2014”, scholarships are the N°1 factor that candidates consider when choosing their MBA. Scholarship policies however are often vague and illogical.

To make it easier for you to plan your MBA budget, EDHEC Global MBA offers an innovative guaranteed and transparent scholarship policy. Based on clear criteria, it awards scholarships to profiles that maximize thequality of the class and provides a clear view of what financial aid is proposed if accepted.

Through EDHEC Global MBA scholarships policy, depending on your profile, tuition fees can be reduced to less than 20,000 euros.

You are not required to make a separate scholarship application - if you fall under one of the categories, the corresponding scholarship will automatically be awarded. You can also secure one scholarship and upgrade to another

List of MBA scholarships 

If you wish the EDHEC Global MBA Admissions Office to confirm your scholarship, please send your CV mentioning nationality and/or GMAT score to and include an outline of your career plans if you wish a profile evaluation of your suitability to apply.