Written on 13 Jan 2016.

By Marco Trada, EDHEC Global MBA Class of 2015

MBA Develop Club picture.png

EDHEC Global MBA participants Damaris Garay from Mexico, Marco Trada from Italy, Mathew Beaulieu from the USA and Preeti Venkateshan from India officially launched the new “MBA DEVELOP CLUB” as a MBA chapter of the original student association of the school. This new adventure is characterized by the social business development.


Preeti, why did you decide to join this club?

I have been associated with Voluntary services for over a decade and I aspire to have my own start up someday that mainly focuses on free education and vocational training for women and children. Specifically, I chose the “MBA DEVELOP CLUB” because I firmly believe that it will be the rudiment upon which I can build my passion for social empowerment, women empowerment and self-development. 


Damaris, what can you bring to this group?

Firstly I am really excited to contribute to the “MBA DEVELOP CLUB” to which I will bring my experience of working in international development for six years and, in particular, at the World Bank in Washington: indeed, I am familiar with the relevant actors and topics in the international development space! Moreover, in addition to my background, I will also contribute by using my network of development practitioners in DC and in the field.


Mathew, what are you planning to organize as “MBA DEVELOP CLUB”?

Some members of the group have worked professionally in the field of social enterprise, while others come with the ambition to contribute to social businesses to provide positive impact to the community.  Point being, we are a diverse group and we value the opinion of all those who wish to join.  Specifically, in Nice we hope to connect with local organizations, invite international speakers to discuss trend in the industry, network with the Master’s chapter of Develop and add people power to their established group, and perhaps organize a visit or two to institutions that are providing positive social impact through responsible business practices.