Written on 17 Dec 2014.

The EDHEC Global MBA participants spent an intense few days studying Philosophy and how it will relate to their future careers. Led by Prof. Geert Demuijnck, PhD, the Global MBA participants learned and discussed important issues within business such as ethics, ownership, and power. What they realized was that philosophy is essential for business leaders.

The EDHEC Global MBA participants enjoyed an exciting session focused on ethics earlier this term, examining key issues through case studies. Discussions were often intense and everyone enjoyed learning the importance of ethics within all business decisions. Focusing on relativism, justice, and moral responsibility, Prof. Demuijnck, PhD, opened new perspectives to the Global MBA participants and induced deeper thinking. 

The session on ownership was very stimulating to all Global MBA participants. The class focused on several case studies regarding copyright issues and different interpretations of ownership that all would agree are important to understand. The entrepreneurs in the class were very engaged, especially in regards to intellectual property. 

The final session focused on power. As future business leaders, the Global MBA participants were keen to learn about the issues involving power and democracy within a business context. All agreed that these issues must be examined for future decision makers. Class discussions were very interesting and provided many insights. 

In all, the Global MBA participants enjoyed the Philosophy class. What some had thought would be a very abstract few days turned into learning of very tangible competencies.