Written on 29 Mar 2017.

QS has published the first ROI report on Europe?s Full time MBA?s. The EDHEC Global MBA has performed particularly well, ranking high and coming top of French schools in several categories. Strong European rankings include N9 for shortest pay-back period (21 months), N4 for 10 year ROI, N6 for 20 year ROI and N1 for Entrepreneurship.


The MBA is still a popular choice for ambitious professionals but more and more candidates want to check its financial impact. The QS ROI Report of European Full Time MBA programmes offers the ideal guide.

With EDHEC Global MBA’s lower than average course fees (enhanced further with a recent decline in the Euro), and higher than average post-MBA salaries, the programme has excelled in the following categories:

N°4 for 10 year ROI
N°6 for 20 year ROI
N°7 for highest salary post MBA (
$111 713)
N°9 for shortest pay-back period (21 months)

With 17% of the class setting up their own company after graduation, EDHEC Global MBA also ranks N°1 for Entrepreneurship.

The report supposes that alumni all paid full tuition fees and did not take into account scholarships which would no doubt further increase the ROI.

·         PRE-MBA STARTING SALARY – A good indicator of student quality

EDHEC Global MBA participants have an average pre-MBA salary of $72 961, the highest in the QS report and well above the European average of $50,776. 

Reading between the lines we can associate this high salary with the high quality of the students in the classroom. Post MBA, EDHEC Global MBA graduates enjoy the 7th highest salary in the rankings - $111,713. This corresponds to an average increase in salary of 53%. The average European post-MBA salary is $91,478.


·         A strong ROI for the European MBA overall

While figures suggest that Masters (MSc) degrees are attracting more candidates than before, these programmes aimed at younger candidates with little or no work experience, do not provide the same ROI as an MBA. The average salary for a European MBA graduate is more than double that of a Master’s graduate, and the MBA has a much greater potential to increase lifetime earnings. Overall, European MBAs, through their one-year format, lower programme fees, high salaries and good post-MBA placement figures, enjoy the world’s highest ROI. The average pay-back period is 30 months. The QS report also indicates that companies are hiring a greater number of MBA graduates than Masters.

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