Written on 26 Mar 2015.

MBA applications require a CV that efficiently conveys key information to answer the selection committee's question "How can this candidate be of use in the classroom?"

There are many websites suggesting that you need a complete CV overhaul to impress a selection committee but their advice is frankly debatable. As many of these educational sites actually propose to write your CV for a fee, you may find our basic advice just as useful.

If you want the EDHEC Global MBA admissions team to evaluate your CV for application, please send it to us.

Keep it clear, simple and attractive to the eye. 
Don’t go over the top with colours or font. 
A photo reminds the selection committee who you are after the interview – decide if you want to make it easy for them.
1 or 2 pages maximum. 
Do not use full sentences or “I”
Favour bullet points where possible
Make your key information easily identifiable 
Get the right tone - don’t undersell yourself but don’t boast, exaggerate or make false claims. You’re in competition - make your added value stand out. 
Start with your personal details – including age, nationality and gender if your name is ambiguous. The rest of your application will show this information anyway, so make it easy for the selection committee.
Name of school, city/country, degree (in bold)
Add band, GPA and rank in class if known
Provide clear start and finish dates
Start with highest degree first. 
Mention any international exchange programmes
Company, city/country, brief description if company is not well known (in bold)
Job title
Use reverse chronological order
Dates of start and end - even if you stayed there for less than a year 
Make it clear if it was full time or part time 
List your tasks and achievements and quantify where possible
Indicate any tasks involving leadership, management or mentoring
Do not go into too much technical detail – you are not applying for a job
Mention any training courses you have had.
•    OTHER
List any awards, publications, presentations, patents, professional licenses, certifications or volunteer experiences
List the countries you have visited (or write “Trips to over 20 countries” etc)
Mention again any exchange programmes
List a maximum of 5 diverse pastime activities and include any particular achievements