Written on 23 Feb 2015.

Yang Yang, a current Global MBA participant from China, used social media to help her make a decision as to what MBA program she would pursue. After first using several online websites such as Le Point, l'Etudiant, Campus France, as well as Chinese websites about studying in France, Yang then focused on social media, notably the Chinese Weibo. "The reason why I used this social media is to see how EDHEC or other French schools are perceived by Chinese and how their reputations were. Some alumni can be found on this social media and more information can be got directly from them."

Naturally, Facebook is another major tool when researching MBAs. The EDHEC Global MBA has several Facebook pages that are very useful for prospective participants to interact with alumni as well as current participants. A general EDHEC Global MBA page is maintained where one can find useful links, updates, and news articles. There is also an alumni page. Each class has its own page that allows current participants to interact. 
The EDHEC Global MBA also has a very useful LinkedIn page. This is a very useful way for current and prospective participants to interact with alumni in a more professional manner. It can be helpful for networking, job offers, and interesting articles and discussions. 
Today, as a current Global MBA participant, Yang visits the Facebook and LinkedIn pages regularly. For her, social media has not only helped her in making the decision on which MBA program to choose, it has also helped her in making new connections and expanding her learning experience.