Written on 11 Dec 2014.

EDHEC Global MBA class recently attended a class on presentation skills by Kerry Choun, co-writer of "The Storyboard Approach".

You might already have made many presentations, using well-known tools, however have you always been efficient?  Kerry Choun gave the class deep insight, and what was shared was a step ahead of what people generally do during presentations.

For instance people tend to follow their slides one by one, commenting them, but what about showing only the slides you need, in order to sustain what you were saying in front of a black screen? If audience is listening to you this because they expect you to share the subject, and slides are only there to deepen what you say; you are not only somebody who comments a screen.

We can feel the power of communication in action”, said one student. The class felt that to impact an audience, to simply interest it, most of the time you have to follow certain basic rules that people generally forget. Some other rules are less easy to master but are equally powerful.

The MBA class saw how to structure presentations,  guide the audience through a storyline,  organize what is said orally, and  deliver value.

People will remember you and feel confortable with what was said because of your choices; choices in terms of content, structure of the slides; choices in terms of what is said orally, how it is said, how you interact with the audience. If you make the right choices the audience will naturally ask questions or share experience.

Black screen? Blue screen? What is said, shown, how and when? Don’t these items remind you of tremendous keynotes from certain companies or from some amazingly interesting people in conferences?

If you think so, you will understand the target the class set with Kerry Choun, and the profound knowledge that was imparted in his class.