Written on 30 Apr 2015.

Professor Karin Kollenz-Quétard, PhD University of Vienna and former strategy consultant at BCG and ADL and VP Marketing Strategy & Insights at T-Mobile Austria, made the EDHEC Global MBA participants familiar with what strategy means in today’s business through various case studies of different organisations and their leaders from around the world.

Understanding the difference between tactics and strategy was crucial in the course. Participants learnt about what certain organisations did or did not do to achieve success. How effective strategy is built considering the direction and scope of an organisation to achieve an advantage with superior results was one of the objectives of the course. 

Methodology adopted in this course included lectures and discussions with detailed analysis of real-life illustrations. This course helped participants see from the top management perspective of several real world organisations and analyse the strategies adopted in each case with the help of the tools discussed in the course. The course also provided link and relationship between tools of economics, finance, marketing, and human resource management for successful strategic planning and its implementation. Dr Karin Kollenz-Quétard facilitated practicing the skills acquired by the Participants throughout the course through individual and team assignment, where Participants worked on some of the tools introduced in class, case studies, industry analysis – its current situation and future projections.

Some of the interesting topics discussed during the Strategy course included corporate strategy, blue ocean strategy, responses to low-cost competition and disruptive strategic innovation, business model innovation, future projection and diversification, gave insight to Participants to apply strategic thinking to their career decisions and to develop a “Strategy-ME” to achieve their goals. The course met the objectives which not only will ensure success of Participants in business today and in days to come, but also in their own professional development to strategise their careers and decision making in life.