Written on 25 Feb 2015.

Nikhil Shah, a 37-year-old Filipino-Spanish-Indian participant with a background in Operations and Management Systems Auditing, joined EDHEC Global MBA program in January 2015.

With an MBA in Operations already in hand, Nikhil, this time wants to pursue an MBA with a focus on Finance. Nikhil chose France given its reputation as one of the top 10 countries to study and the EDHEC Global MBA Finance Track has its own perks. Also, he has already some knowledge of French language which according to him, is going to be a ‘plus’ to live in France.

He chose EDHEC due to the school’s consistent rise in the ranking tables over the last 5 years – a clear indication not only of the quality of its student body and faculty but also the management focus on creating a world class MBA. EDHEC Business School is known to have one of the best finance programs in Europe and is ranked among the best for diversity.

Nikhil is in the midst of shifting his career from Operations-centric to more Finance-centric. He is looking forward to opportunities that would offer him the chance to leverage his auditing experience and his soon-to-be obtained knowledge of Finance.

His first impressions of the class - it lived up to EDHEC’s policy on diversity. The diversity of the 80+ participants of this year’s Global MBA program is as wide as it is deep; 32 nationalities, between the ages of 26 and 47, averaging 8 years of work experience covering a wide variety of professions. This for him, is a real challenging environment to deal with today’s globalisation of business.

The highlights so far? Meeting new people from such diverse backgrounds and learning from their real life experiences. Nikhil is already looking forward for the finance classes and very excited to embark upon this new adventure.