Written on 14 Jan 2016.

One of the principal pedagogical strategies of the EDHEC Global MBA is Team Work. For most classes, a large component of the class involves at least one Team Assignment. These Team Assignments draw on the strengths and challenges of the MBA participants? diversity. By forcing participants to work collaboratively, a variety of incidental issues emerge, including: cross-cultural communication, task delegation, and responsibility for review and submission.

At the conclusion of each team, a process called Team Work Review occurs. This includes Peer & Self Evaluations, which is a digital evaluation tool for examining the development of managerial competencies. These competencies include interpersonal and team effectiveness. In addition to these evaluation tools, there is a 90 minute de-briefing process that is facilitated by an external coach. 

During these de-briefing sessions, Team Members share their observations about how the Team collaborated on the variety of assignments. They also share insights on how the Team processes could be transferred into business contexts. Lastly, participants develop their ability to give and receive critical feedback by sharing recommendations (or “Even Better If” statements) with their fellow members. This feedback also aids in their respective personal development of the managerial competencies. 

While often challenging, this process is critical to enhancing the MBA participants’ ability to perform at outstanding levels in complex and ambiguous business environments. The Team Work process is a core practice that makes the EDHEC Global MBA a fore-runner in developing tomorrow’s effective leaders.