Written on 11 Mar 2015.

Most MBA candidates intend to use their newly-completed education as a springboard to future career opportunities. But what are the best methods to find these opportunities?

Melanie Jobin, an EDHEC Global MBA candidate from Quebec, is searching for career options in the Consulting, Hospitality, and Sports Marketing industries. Utilizing the personal coach provided to her during EDHEC’s CareerSMART sessions, she was able to identify the top ten companies with whom she wants to work. Once those target companies were identified, she is using a variety of tools to develop a network within those particular industries. In particular, she is mining her existing contacts for opportunities, as well as online sources like LinkedIn and MBA-Exchange. In addition to these online tools, Melanie is extremely adept at creating informal exchanges with industry speakers who come to EDHEC events. Regardless of contact type (either online or in-person), she continues to hone her personal “pitch” to move that first connection into an engaging conversation.

When pressed for career advice, Melanie suggested to really work on one’s CV and LinkedIn profile before deciding to network. There is a temptation to apply to many different jobs at the beginning of the MBA before really understanding one’s value to a future employer. Therefore, she found it helpful to construct and strengthen her personal story prior to applying for jobs.

One parting piece of advice from Melanie regarding interviews: “Set alarms when you have phone or Skype interviews in a different time zone, as it can get confusing!”.