What are the differences between the January and September intakes?

Written on 13 Nov 2017.

The January intake is essentially the same as the September intake. The major differences are that in January, participants will enter the same class that started in September of the year before. In December, all the participants who started in the January intake the year before will leave. The new January participants therefore replace that leaving group.

Each course and module is independent so it does not matter when you start or end the cycle as the same curriculum is followed. You finish the programme with exactly the same degree certificate.

The advantages include the fact that you meet two different cohorts so you double your networking potential. You will also have a two month break in July and August before resuming with the new September cohort. This period can be used in any way you wish - travel, holiday or a paid internship anywhere in France or internationally. Your visa (if applicable) will allow you to do a paid internship at this time or you might choose to keep this time free for personal activities. The programme will therefore take a full 12 months to complete.


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