Written on 14 Jan 2016.

Before entering EDHEC, I operated a language school in Shenyang, China and taught standardized English tests- IETLS, TOEFL, GRE and GMAT. When I decided to study an MBA programme, EDHEC happened to be on a World Tour and so I attended one of their events in Northeast China.

Highly recommended by Shenyang Cultural and Educational Department, affiliated to the French Embassy, EDHEC Business School is particularly known for finance and risk management with world-level research centers and fully-engaged scholars. The academic spirit of EDHEC deeply impressed me.

Since France is extremely rich from a cultural point of view, and as French is my second foreign language, I carved my niche as EDHEC Global MBA participant. According to my personal experience, EDHEC outperforms her counterparts in the respects of student-oriented services, a “walk-the -talk” rule, dedicated faculty, and transparent policies.

The campus in Nice entails brand new facilities ranging from a library to multifunctional workout rooms. The first day I arrived at EDHEC, a professor shared with me the best place to have lunch and study at the same time, MBA coordinators and IT department helped me access Wi-Fi, and I even borrowed a book from EDHEC library even without a student card thanks to the kindness of the staff. The efficiency of EDHEC Global MBA far exceeds my expectation. I had some study experiences in England, Australia and Sweden before, but the experience at EDHEC is unique and fantastic.

The Admission Office is a triumph card of EDHEC: the waiting time for an email reply was no more than 2 hours, irrespective of time difference. Cherish their empathy and compassion that can never be found in any other schools. The professors welcome arguments and challenges from participants; no matter where we are from, who we are, and how differently we convey, EDHEC participants trust each other and rely on each other. My classmates are celebrating a newly-born MBA baby now. EDHEC enables participants to retrieve school life and pure emotion that we have nearly forgotten. As we progress together with our school, the bond between participants and EDHEC has been entrenched and entwined. Here we are filled with bravery, optimism and hope. This year, the Global MBA programme took a leap from 62th to 44th position according to Economist’s annual MBA ranking. Welcome more talents to join in our big family to share the honor and continue record-breaking!