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EDHEC helped me to understand who I really was and what I would excel at in life. It helped me to make the right decisions. At EDHEC, you had to excel at many things, and this gave me the chance to challenge myself in many different disciplines. There’s an overall culture of agility at EDHEC; it’s not monolithic so that really gave me the opportunity to make important decisions early in my life, decisions that still affect my life today. 
MBA participants are often in the process of re-thinking their career orientation and use the EDHEC Global MBA programme as a catalyst for changing their career paths, launching an entrepreneurial project or discovering new sectors and locations. To accompany them, EDHEC offers a number of services based on the resources of its alumni network.

Michael BURKE, CEO of Louis Vuitton

Thanks to the EDHEC alumni network and support from the alumni, I successfully made 2 major changes: change of countries (from China to France) and change of industry(from Retail to E commerce). There are more than 70 professional clubs and lots of events to get involved in after the MBA. I am working as strategic buyer and sourcing manager for La Redoute.

Jinghua Waltor CHEN








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