Tailor your programme with your choice of MBA electives 

Our electives offer you a choice of intensive courses and skills-focussed modules designed to help you develop new business-critical knowledge or extend your existing expertise. It is your MBA, so you choose the options which are best for your future. 



Depending on the options you choose, you can personalise your programme with 3 or 5 electives*.

*Please note that options may change and are subject to availability

EDHEC Global MBA Macroeconomics


Understand the core concepts of macroeconomics – including data, theory and policy. This elective will enable you to understand and comment on some of the central macro debates and help you to comprehend the wider environment and constraints face governments and businesses worldwide.

EDHEC Global MBA Sales and business development

Sales & Business Development

Understand how to organise and create growth of an effective sales and business development organisation and master critical skills and techniques to gain new business and retain existing customers. Examine and gain insights into the latest trends which are impacting and changing growth and revenue models.

EDHEC Global MBA Advanced Corporate Finance

Advanced Corporate Finance

Being able to examine in detail the basic valuation and investment decisions made by corporate financial decision-makers is a key skill needed by leaders and entrepreneurs. With an emphasis on the formulation and implementation of analytical financial solutions to corporate business problems and opportunities, this elective will help you to improve your analytical skills and financial decision-making and improve your communication skills for explaining analytical results.

EDHEC Global MBA Data Visualisation

Data Visualisation

In the Data Visualization elective, you participants will be confronted with large amounts of data and the challenge of dealing with it. Understand, apply and practise the main approaches to data-driven decision making and tools for data visualization.

EDHEC Global MBA Strategic Foresight

Strategic Foresight

Imagine being able to step into the future and explore how you can repeat success, pinpoint your blind spots, and build confidence. Through a four-step process, this course will help you to become better prepared for an uncertain future. You will develop skills to scan for signals, explore a variety of plausible futures and craft winning strategies.

EDHEC Global MBA Agile Thinking

Agile Thinking

This course explores how organisations and teams can approach change, disruption and renewal through creative, bottom-up approaches to problem-solving under tight timeframes. Trying, testing and failing are all part of the agile mindset which can accelerate and enhance innovative processes.



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The EDHEC Global MBA gives you the chance to learn, practice and leap straight into your post-MBA career. Whether it’s growing the seedling of your business, discovering your capacities in consulting, or showing a future employer your potential, you’ll have a head start well before graduation.

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Edhec Tailored MBA

Tailored MBA project

Your 8-week MBA project is specially tailored to your post-MBA ambitions, allowing you to put the skills you have learned into practice.

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Edhec MBA specialisation global tracks business trips

Specialisation tracks & global business trips

 The Global MBA programme offers a choice of four specialisation tracks lasting one month, with a one-week international business trip to a strategic destination.

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